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We help you identify next level opportunities to accelerate your mobile engagement & customer loyalty results.

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Apple Pay, Android Pay, and WeChat Wallet are becoming the central hubs for mobile commerce, loyalty, and more. By harnessing the power of the latest mobile wallets, beacon technologies, and apps, our solutions empower you to deliver insights-driven interactions with your customers - building long-term relationships and creating magical mobile moments when and where it matters the most.

Apple Wallet, Android Pay, WeChat Wallet supported by PassKit

Unlock Loyalty via Mobile Wallet

A smartphone - it's the device you can't do without. And it now comes pre-installed with a mobile version of your physical wallet. But the true value of mobile wallet lies beyond payments. It's now the channel used to acquire new customers, simplify the customer experience, deepen customer engagement, and magnify loyalty.

Reach, engage, and retain customers through delivering personalized mobile wallet content - coupons, loyalty cards, event tickets, membership cards, boarding passes and more. Our platform allows you to create mobile wallet marketing campaigns, deliver updates when they matter, leverage location based triggers, and access real-time customer data.

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Mobile Wallet Content Examples


Digital Coupons

Loyalty Cards

Digital Loyalty Cards

Stored Value

Stored Value Cards

Stamp Cards

Stamp Cards

Boarding Pass

Digital Boarding Passes

Event Tickets

Digital Event Tickets

Brand Discovery & Engagement via Bluetooth Beacons

It's how you drive and enhance the O2O channel experience, via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Not only can you deliver wallet content, but provoke real world action by broadcasting iBeacon (iOS), AltBeacon (Android) and Eddystone (Physical Web) Beacon specifications simultaneously.

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Our solution is proven to engage, convert, and build loyalty

Engagement Automation

Build personalized customer experiences with rules, workflows, and triggers. Whether driven by a customer's action, preferences, or location, our automation engine enables you to deliver personalized, engaging experiences at the right moment, every time.

Location & Beacons

Deliver proximity based messages and push updates when it matters the most. Whether through mobile wallets or apps, you'll have everything you need to put your brand on your customers' lock screen - exactly when they need it.

Cross Platform & Device

Our kit combines all the latest technologies - Apple, Android, WeChat, wearables, smart devices, and more. We future proof our platform so that you have access to the latest technologies to accelerate your customer engagement & loyalty initiatives.

Waste Reduction

Go paperless at the push of a button and enhance your CSR footprint. Save on print & redistribution costs, as well as significantly reduce operational expenses & inefficiencies.

Where it all comes together

Easily build automated mobile wallet marketing campaigns to deliver engaging digital customer experiences.

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What have others done with the O2O Channel?

You’ll be happy to know this isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve done this before, and not just in the US. We’ve helped others all across the world unlock new revenue via the O2O channel. Take a look.

Aeroflot Case Study

Over 10,000 passes in circulation at any one time.

Subway Case Study

Traffic during peak hour increased by >300%, with 12% coupon redemption rates.

Heathrow Airport Case Study

+1,245 (average) additional Heathrow Member sign-ups per day.

Ian Daburn Case Study

180 passes in circulation, with over 3,000 push updates. Each push leads to regular surge in business.

Pernod Ricard Case Study

770 new users acquired with profile data which allows for in-depth personalized marketing strategies.

Resorts World Manila Case Study

Acquired 40,000 memberships in one week with Facebook details, likes, demographic, location, and more.

Global Wellness Case Study

Campaign cost 34% less than print and gained 34x more traffic.

Frenz Frenzy Case Study

Significant increase in attendance to events due to lock screen reminder message.

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