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Secure your space in the Physical Web

Why you can't ignore the Physical Web

Nobody's looking at your ads anymore. They're too focused on their phones; snapping, chatting, hipping'n'hopping, buying, searching and shopping. All while you're wasting money and time on unseen press, print and coupon campaigns. Which is where the Physical web comes in. It places your brand in their phone, right in notifications.

The Physical Web



More Customers

More Traffic

More Eyeballs

More Clicks

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Instant Physical Web Presence

Place your brand in the Physical Web by simply plugging in your beacon.

  • Receive a GemTot Beacon that's already broadcasting the domain to the public
  • Create your own custom NearMe.Is/ domain name
  • We will redirect the domain to your desired website
  • No need to develop your own app (your customers will need to have Chrome or a Physical Web app installed)

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Ad Cost Comparison

NearMe.Is/ Facebook Ad Google Adwords Billboard Flyer
Cost (USD) $30 / year $150 / month $15 / month $130,000 / month $100 for 50
Note Your advert appears directly on the phone - forever! Estimated 30-40 clicks per day Average 1 click per day for a local Ad Word (e.g. coffee shop) Nobody is looking at it when they're on their phone A wasteful one off product
  • I clicked, I read, I bought.

    Henry Melton

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Pay US $30/year for a pre-programmed beacon and custom NearMe.Is domain.

Product Quantity Subscription Total
NearMe.Is Package 1 $30/year $30/year
Shipping $15
Total $45


iOS: Customers who have Google Chrome, Google Now, or any Physical Web browser can see Eddystone URLs in the 'Today Widget' on their phone.

Android: Users must download a Physical Web browser app.

Contact us at if you would like to do so.

A NearMe.Is Package includes your very own NearMe.Is/ domain name plus a preconfigured GemTot Beacon. All you need to do is plug it in and you're set. You can still purchase GemTot Beacons without the NearMe.Is/ domain by clicking here.

Nope you don't need to develop your own app. However, in order to see the URL broadcasting, you will need to have Chrome installed or another physical web browser.

At the moment, your customers will need to download the Chrome app on iOS or the Physical Web app on Android. As Physical Web and usage becomes more prevalent, we envisage this being built into apps that are used daily by users, so they will no longer need to download a specific app for this purpose.