Our Story

From Passbook to Powering Hundreds of Millions of Passes.

PassKit is on a mission to propel all businesses with the power of Apple Wallet and Google Pay Passes.

With expertise in mobile wallet, systems integration, bespoke development and cloud computing PassKit ensures that businesses of any size are able to access the latest innovations in technology. PassKit's Self-Serve Platform and Pay As You Grow Pricing any business can start immediately. Brands can easily extend their mobile reach by tapping into the trust that consumers have with Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

PassKit has issued over 350 million passes! And today, thousands of businesses worldwide use PassKit to connect and engage using passes. Our customers are among the very best businesses across retail, hospitality, travel, insurance, F&B, telecommunications and financial services, including Best Western International, Burger King, Gap, Mens Warehouse, Eddie Bauer, Heathrow Airport, Azul Airways and Jetstar Airways.

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350 million+




Trusted Worldwide

Helping the very best businesses connect with their customers.

Art Gallery of Ontario and PassKit
Azul Airways and PassKit
Burger King and PassKit
Best Western and PassKit
Cleveland Cavaliers and PassKit
Eddie Bauer and PassKit
Gap and PassKit
Heathrow Airport and PassKit
HSBC and PassKit
Jetstar and PassKit
Old Navy and PassKit
Santander and PassKit


Paul at PassKit

Paul Tomes

Co-founder & CEO

BEng, MBA | 20+ years leading global business and e-commerce; including Ford, HSBC.com & Credit Suisse

Nick at PassKit

Nick Murray

Co-founder & CTO

FCCA, CFA | 20+ years accounting, audit, consulting & coding; G.E., Vodafone, PWC, HSBC, Deutsche Bank

Patrick at PassKit

Patrick Kosterman

Chief Product Officer

12+ years developing, product management, enterprise solution & project delivery & ISO9001

Doron at PassKit

Doron Vermaat

Growth & Success Director

10+ years of experience in sales, business development, marketing, customer happiness and talent acquisition.

Midori at PassKit

Midori Funaki

Solutions Engineer

2+ years front and back end development

Jesse at PassKit

Jesse Langford

Software Developer

2+ years front and back end development

Our #PFR Spirit

We pride ourselves on being first to understand; first to adapt and respond; first to overcome.

We achieve this through a commitment to understanding and delivering leading edge technical solutions.

We also like to fail, fast.
So we can rise up even bigger, better, stronger than before.
It’s hard work that makes play easy.

And to us, there’s no such word as "can't"; no "9-5"; no "lunch hour"; no mandatory holidays. Which leaves a lot of freedom, passion, room to play, refreshing ideas and solutions.

Most importantly, we work together to achieve all this before anyone else.

Because as PassKiteers we believe PassKit F***ing Rocks.