About Us

PassKit connects infrastructure CRM systems, loyalty management software, POS systems, and locations to the latest consumer facing mobile platforms.

Our proven, enterprise-grade infrastructure, enables businesses to instantly and continuously leverage all of the latest customer engagement technologies - making every micro-moment of the customer journey matter.

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Why PassKit?

Globally recognized clients across multiple industry verticals.

20+ years leadership experience delivering results for multinational enterprises.

World renowned experts in the latest customer engagement technologies: mobile wallet, payments, beacons, and big data.

Strategic partners including Apple, Google, and Intel to maintain technology lead.

Extensive experience with systems integration: CRM/ERP/MRM/POS/PMS, device management and proprietary systems.

Enterprise-grade, instantly scalable infrastructure.

Speed to market with emphasis on quality.

Innovation runs through our veins.

Our Story

In June 2012, Apple Inc. introduced Passbook.
The online to offline world changed forever.

Since then, we’ve seen mobile wallets take off, mobile payments become more mainstream, mobile platforms no longer act as the second screen, and location based experiences have become the benchmark.

Mobile is now THE screen.
And we’ve been working in the background, helping businesses like yours be there at every micro-moment of your customers' journey.

We are PassKit.
We make micro-moments matter.

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption and integration of the latest customer engagement technologies - enabling businesses to confidently move from dated sales practices to the new world of "me-tailing".

4 years ago Apple Inc. introduced Passbook.
The online to offline world changed forever.
It will change again.
Will you?

The PassKiteers

Paul at PassKit

Paul Tomes

Co-founder & CEO

BEng, MBA | 20+ years leading global business and e-commerce; including Ford, HSBC.com & Credit Suisse

Nick at PassKit

Nick Murray

Co-founder & CTO

FCCA, CFA | 20+ years accounting, audit, consulting & coding; G.E., Vodafone, PWC, HSBC, Deutsche Bank

Wendy at PassKit

Wendy Chan


3+ years product marketing and project management

Art at PassKit

Art Lee

Head of Client Development

20+ years selling and internet marketing; including IBM

Patrick at PassKit

Patrick Kosterman

Director of Innovation & Advisory

9+ years developing, project management, & ISO9001

Danny at PassKit

Danny Allen

Head of Customer Success

15+ years customer service for banking & insurance

Nicholas at PassKit

Nicholas Bortoluzzi

Marketing Executive

4+ years online marketing & sales

Kit at PassKit

Kit Tsang

Backend Developer

6+ years front and back end development

Duncan at PassKit

Duncan Brown

Software Developer

3+ years front and back end development

Ruzaik at PassKit

Ruzaik Rafeek

Software Developer

2+ years front and back end development

Our #PFR Spirit

We pride ourselves on being first to understand; first to adapt and respond; first to overcome.

We achieve this through a commitment to understanding and delivering leading edge technical solutions.

We also like to fail, fast.
So we can rise up even bigger, better, stronger than before.
It’s hard work that makes play easy.

And to us, there’s no such word as "can't"; no "9-5"; no "lunch hour"; no mandatory holidays. Which leaves a lot of freedom, passion, room to play, refreshing ideas and solutions.

Most importantly, we work together to achieve all this before anyone else.

Because as PassKiteers we believe PassKit F***ing Rocks.

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