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Select Volume

  200 pass records

What's Included

  24/7 access to RESTful web APIs

  Unlimited Pass designs

  Up to 35 languages per Pass

  Up to 10 GPS and 10 Beacons locations per Pass

  Unlimited update notifications to the users' lock screen

  Unlimited changes to Pass design and content

  Automated web form to collect user input

Realtime callbacks and notifications

  24/7 download of Pass data

  Bronze tier customer support


Choose and change your pass volume at any time to best fit your business needs and budget.

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The pricing on this page is specifically for the Pass Designer, which enables you to design mobile wallet content.

If you're looking for a more automated mobile engagement solution, you can check out CherryPie.

Passes are a digital represenatation of information that might otherwise be printed on small pieces of paper/plastic. For example, membership cards, coupons, tickets, stored value cards.

An iPhone users stores and manages their Passes in the Apple Wallet application. An Android smartphone user stores and manages their passes in the Google Pay application.

For volume calculations and billing, PassKit counts the total number of pass records each month. Please refer to "How is volume calculated?" for more details.

For billing purposes, PassKit counts the total number of pass records each month on a customer’s account.

The Pass Volume includes each unique Apple Wallet mobile wallet pass record and Google Pay mobile wallet pass record that is being managed by PassKit during a given month. This includes pass records that were created that month, as well as those pass records under management from prior months.

Visit this page for more information and an illustrative example.

Please contact us and let us know what pass volume tier you'd like to start with. We will activate your account and send you a secure payment form to complete.

Passes are only counted when installed in a mobile wallet app. If you have 1,000 active passes, and 1 user deletes their pass, you now have 999 passes active.

You will not be charged for this. However, anyone who installs your pass after you reach your limit will get a blank pass with the words 'Exceeded Quota' - meaning that they won't be able to use your pass.

To ensure this doesn't happen, you can limit the quantity of passes you want to issue (in the 'Distribution' tab of the Pass Designer) or simply upgrade your subscription to accommodate for more passes.

If you need more than 50,000 passes, contact us for a custom subscription tailored to your needs.

Please tell us more about your business, how you plan to use passes and your projected volume.

Yes. You can issue up to 100 passes for free.

If you are integrating passes into your application and believe you need more than 100 passes before you go live please contact us.

Please describe your business, your needs during development, your estimated go live date and future projected pass volume.

Absolutely! Simply contact us and tell us more about your business needs and projected volume. We'll come up with the best plan for you.

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