Service Level Standards

Last Modified: 6 July 2022

PassKit will maintain the following service levels for the PassKit's Hosted Services (collectively, the “Service Levels”).

Included Services

The PassKit Portal
The PassKit API (v4)

System Availability

The Hosted Services will be available at least 99.5% over one-month periods, excluding any System Maintenance or Force Majeure Events (as defined below). Availability will be calculated on a monthly basis using the following formula:

Availability = (Actual Availability / Total Scheduled Availability) x 100

The following definitions will apply with respect to the calculation of Availability:

  1. “Actual Availability” means Total Scheduled Availability minus Downtime, in minutes.
  2. “Downtime” means the time (in minutes) that users of the Hosted Services are not able to (a) access the material functionality of the System, or (b) utilize the Hosted Services for normal business operations due to failure malfunction or delay. Downtime does not include any unavailability due to System Maintenance or a failure or defect arising out of a Force Majeure Event.
  3. “Force Majeure Event” means any failure or delay caused by or the result of causes beyond the reasonable control of PassKit and could not have been avoided or corrected through the exercise of reasonable diligence, including, but not limited to, acts of God, fire, flood, hurricane or other natural catastrophe, terrorist actions, laws, orders, regulations, directions or actions of governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the subject matter hereof, or any civil or military authority, national emergency, insurrection, riot or war, general failure of telecommunication or digital transmission links, general failure of the Internet, or other similar occurrence.
  4. “System Maintenance” means time (in minutes) that the Hosted Service is not accessible due to maintenance of the System, including for maintenance and upgrading of the software and hardware used by PassKit to provide the Hosted Services. System Maintenance includes scheduled maintenance and unscheduled, emergency maintenance. PassKit will provide Customer with at least 48 hours' prior written notice of any scheduled maintenance or sixty minutes' advance written notice for unscheduled, emergency maintenance. System Maintenance in any given month will not exceed 60 minutes per week.
  5. “Total Scheduled Availability” means 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, excluding System Maintenance, in minutes.

SLA Credits

If Availability during any given month falls below 99.5%, and if Customer meets its obligation under this SLA, Customer will be eligible to receive the Financial Credits described below. PassKit will provide Customer with a SLA Credit equal to the percentage of the total monthly fee applicable to the month in which the Service Level failure occurred corresponding to the Availability Level as follows:

Hosted Services Availability Level SLA Credit
99.0 to <99.5% 10% of total monthly fee applicable to month in which failure occurred
95.0 to <99.0% 25% of total monthly fee applicable to month in which failure occurred
90.0 to <95.0% 50% of total monthly fee applicable to month in which failure occurred
<90% 100% plus termination rights

If client is eligible for a 100% Service Level Credit during any given calendar month of the Term, they may, at its discretion, terminate this Agreement without penalty by providing PassKit with written thirty (30) days' notice.

SLA Credit Procedures

In order to receive any of the Financial Credits described above, Customer must notify PassKit support within 30 days from the time Customer becomes eligible to receive a Financial Credit. Customer must also provide PassKit with server log files showing loss of external connectivity errors and the date and time those errors occurred. If Customer does not comply with these requirements, Customer will forfeit its right to receive a Financial Credit. If a dispute arises with respect to this SLA, PassKit will make a determination in good faith based on its system logs, monitoring reports, configuration records, and other available information.

The SLA Credits for any given month in which they are incurred will be issued as a credit against the next month's Service Fees or, if no additional Service Fees are payable or when the applicable Order Form terminates, will be provided to Customer in the form of a refund paid within 60 days after the effective date of termination. All requests for credits must (i) be sent by email to, (ii) include Customer's name and sufficient detail pertaining to the alleged outage to permit PassKit to investigate (e.g. dates, duration, etc.) and (iii) be received by PassKit within thirty (30) days after the end of the calendar month during which such credit accrued.

SLA Exclusions

The SLA does not apply to any (a) features designated pre-general availability (unless otherwise set forth in the associated Documentation); (b) features excluded from the SLA; or (c) errors: (i) caused by factors outside of PassKit's reasonable control; (ii) that resulted from Customer's software or hardware or third party software or hardware, or both; (iii) that resulted from abuses or other behaviors that violate the Agreement; or (iv) that resulted from quotas applied by the system or listed in the Admin Console.

Business Hours; Scope of Support Services

Support Services are offered 24x7x365 via PassKit's online support (

Email and Chat support is offered during PassKit's standard business hours which are 01:00 to 10:00 GMT, Monday through Friday, exclusive of recognised holidays; provided that email support is available on a 24/7/365 basis for Critical Severity issues, as defined below.

  1. Support Services shall include:
    1. online support for all technical issues relating to use of PassKit's Hosted Service (including general assistance with PassKit's Hosted Service capabilities and product features); and
    2. all updates and upgrades to the PassKit's Hosted Service as they become available for general release.
  2. PassKit is not obligated to provide Support Services for errors or problems caused by the following:
    1. third party components or integrations not provided by PassKit (i.e. applicable platforms, Customer applications, etc.); or
    2. the acts or omissions of Customer including without limitation the use of the Hosted Service other than as described in the Documentation.

Initial Response Times

PassKit will provide an initial response by a qualified member of its staff to begin to diagnose and to correct issues with the PassKit’s Hosted Service based on the following severity levels:

Severity Level Severity Type Initial Response Time
Level 1 Critical 1 Hour, 24/7
Level 2 Major 4 Hours
Level 3 Minor 1 business day
Level 4 Enhancement 2 business days

Resolution Times

Severity Level Severity Type Resolution Time
Level 1 Critical PassKit will work continuously until error is fixed or temporary workaround is implemented with email updates to customer, after initial response time, every 2 hours until resolution; or unless communicated otherwise.
Level 2 Major PassKit will work continuously until error is fixed or temporary workaround is implemented with email updates to customer, after initial response time, every 3 hours until resolution or; unless communicated otherwise.
Level 3 Minor PassKit will work during normal business hours to implement a fix or workaround with email updates to customer, after initial response time, every 3 days until resolution; or unless communicated otherwise.
Level 4 Enhancement PassKit will work to provide a fix in next maintenance release with email updates to customer, after initial response time, every 2 weeks until resolution; or unless communicated otherwise.

Severity Level Definitions

All Support Requests are assigned a severity level based on how they affect your service.

Severity Level Severity Type Definition
Level 1 Critical Critical production issue affecting all users, including system unavailability and data integrity issues, with no workaround available
Level 2 Major Production issue impacting a majority of users, loss of functionality and/or significantly degraded performance, issue is persistent with no workaround available.
Level 3 Minor Any system issue that affects functionality or impacts performance, workaround may be possible but not sustainable.
Level 4 Enhancement Any request for desired functionality, information request for application capability, implementation assistance, or system issue that impacts a small number of users with an acceptable workaround available.

When reporting an issue, Customer shall suggest its Severity Level in accordance with the Definitions above. PassKit shall have the sole right to reclassify any reported issues based on its reasonable judgment and assessment.

Technical Support Coverage

Issues Covered

  • Issues and problems with PassKit services;
  • Releases and updates;
  • Assistance with implementation and deployment of campaign services;
  • General assistance with PassKit product features.

Issues Not Covered

  • Custom development;
  • Implementations not using the official PassKit SDKs;
  • 3rd Party Implementations;
  • Application development outside of the official PassKit SDKs implementations.
Last Modified: 6 July 2022