How to push a Passbook update to the lock screen



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We’ve just published the following video tutorial to help you push Passbook updates to the lockscreen.

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone (running iOS6)
  2. Visit
  3. Navigate to Samples
  4. Select Retail Cards
  5. Select Starbucks
  6. Fill in the details (Card Nick Name, Card Registered Name)
  7. Keep the default Card Number or replace with your own
  8. Enter your email address to receive the API key
  9. Put in your initial balance
  10. and the number of Reward Stars
  11. Click on Create Pass
  12. Click Add – it’s now in your Passbook
  13. You’ll receive an email from containing your API key and API secret
  14. Click on the link to the API Starter Page
  15. Enter the Starbucks Card Numbers
  16. Enter your new balance and the numbers of stars
  17. Click Update Pass and a pop up window will display asking for your login details
  18. Copy and paste the API key into the name field
  19. Copy and paste the API secret into the password field
  20. Click Login

You should now see the updates pushed to your lock screen.
Swipe them to access directly from the lock screen

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