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Beacons and Apple Wallet Passes are a powerful combination for retailers and shoppers.

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History of connecting with people

The Wheel

The Wheel

3500 BC

Allowing people to travel far distances, aiding relocation of settlements and increasing global trade.

Printing Press

Printing Press

15th Century

Transition from prestige significance to commercial use. Communication, education and the spread of information reached new heights.




Intangible signals that enhanced global communication significantly and gave birth to mobile communication.




Location based tracking via satellites not only gave birth to a much more individualised market place but also improved transportation and trade.




The online world has merged with the offline world, providing a more personalized mobile experience, helped by the emergence of smartphones.

Today's Problems

Digital Marketing Problems

Digital marketing in consumers' minds fades just as fast as TV/Print. Marketers hope they take action before the message is forgotten.

Social Marketing Problems

Social marketing is powerful for serving purchase validation information, but lacks the streamline ability to drive immediate consumer action.

Brand Loyalty Problems

Group buying models have driven discounted products and services, but destroy brand loyalty/equity and repeat purchase.

Physical Media Problems

The lion's share of marketing is still spent on physical media - costly, bulky, wasteful (anti-CSR), and very difficult to track/analyze.

Physical Media Problems

Mobile Wallet marketing provides new value. Personalising content and reminding the user when in proximity; affords more granular tracking and analyzing of consumer behaviors and marketing effectiveness. Consumers increasingly demanding brands to adopt.

Capitalize on Mobile Wallet

Why is no one fully capitalizing, yet? The challenge is the fragmented eco-system, business processes, technical implementation complexity, and closed loop analytics.

The Solution

GemTot Beacons Proximity Marketing

Beacons + Passes

Combining Beacons with Passes allows you to innovate and integrate the latest proximity technology into your customer engagement processes. Your customers can access their digital membership cards, digital coupons, or digital tickets in the precise location they need them most.

GemTot Beacon Value Chain

Leverage beacon technology without developing your own native app

Use Apple Wallet

Why Now? The Perfect Storm

Internet and Bluetooth Accessibility

Always on Bluetooth
Nearly all smartphones and other connected devices today natively support BLE.

Proliferation of IoT

Ultra low power
BLE consumes little battery while the data transfer speed is relatively lower compared with the Bluetooth (Classic).

Rise of mCommerce

Everyone has a smartphone
The Smartphone is the way to engage and transact

Increase Focus on O2O

Waking up bricks and mortar
Useful, proximity based engagenment is acknowledged as one of the key enablers to wake up the high street.

Smartphone Adoption Explosion

Demand for convenience
People don't want more apps. They want more convenience. They want to access content at the right time, in the right location for the right purpose.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Less waste
Not only does paper and plastic fill landfills, they also don't reind people where they can use their coupon or loyalty card.

A Win for All

Value to Consumers

Value to Consumers

Smoother, more personal and reliable experiences that fit their existing behavior.

Value to Agencies

Value to Agencies

Speed to win, retain and grow clients; Innovation, skills, and up-to-date service offering.

Value to Brands

Value to Brands

Fast, easy, reliable, first mover solutions that provide a measurable return on investment.

Value to PassKit

Value to PassKit

Speed of innovation and release of new market leading products and solutions.

  • Using PassKit Passes with GPS and Beacons is the most effective and efficient way to benefit from the coming location services revolution.