Mobile Wallet Campaign Manager

CherryPie is...

a Mobile Wallet Campaign Manager, designed to help you launch highly targeted mobile campaigns to propel customer engagement from online to offline.

Create, distribute, and manage digital loyalty cards, coupons, promotions, event tickets, gift cards, membership cards, transport passes and more. Tap into the millions of users who now use Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Your brand, your content, right at your customers’ fingertips.

CherryPie Mobile Wallet Marketing Automation Solution

Drag, Drop, Deploy

Customize the design of your mobile wallet content with beautiful colors, images, and engaging text. Set up rules and automate the delivery of new content to create a unique customer journey every step of the way.

Create Mobile Wallet Content with CherryPie

Same Channels, New Conversation

Complement your existing marketing channels - email, SMS, social media, posters, etc. - and promote mobile wallet content anywhere you can place a link or a QR code. Acquire users at every touchpoint of the customer journey and drive action in real life.

Mobile Wallet Marketing Cross Channels

Right Place, Right Time

Leverage location and proximity based technology to deliver timely lockscreen messages when it matters the most. Stay top of mind and remind customers of your brand when it is most contextually relevant.

Location Based Messaging with Mobile Wallet

Real-time, Personalized Engagement

Define individualized customer experiences by setting up rules based on time, action, or demographic. Link up multiple offers to one campaign to consistently please personal needs and automate the campaign from the get go - no coding required.

Real-time Personalized Engagement with Mobile Wallet

Beyond an App

By using native apps that live in the smartphone, accessing your content is hassle-free. Secure your brand in mobile wallet apps such as Apple Wallet, Google Pay, and WeChat and keep your customers up to date with the latest offers, news, or events by simply pushing updates. No app development required.

Mobile Wallet Beyond an App

Track, Analyze, Optimize

Monitor the performance of your mobile campaigns with rich analytics and data. Create customer segmentations and access deep insights into individual customer actions, events, and behavior to maximize results.

Track, Analyze, Optimize Mobile Wallet Campaigns

Decrease Marketing Spend

Instantly deliver content to customers without having them wait weeks to receive a loyalty card by mail. Save marketing spend on printing, reprinting, and redistribution costs and dynamically update mobile wallet content in real-time.

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