Startup Networking in Lan Kwai Fong is Digitally Sexier with Mettā

Executive Summary

As a new entrepreneur’s club in the heart of Hong Kong, Mettā was just about to launch its membership program and grow its community of entrepreneurs and influencers. Mettā needed an innovative solution to deliver on its membership program and did not want to stick with standard plastic membership cards. That's when Mettā found PassKit.


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Mettā and PassKit

About Mettā

Mettā is an entrepreneurs'​ club that connects people, ideas and resources. It is a members-only, multi-channel platform built upon three founding principles: community, live events and a space entrepreneurs can call home. It brings together founders and startups, industry influencers, investors, educators, and forward-thinking corporations who address today’s most pressing innovation challenges as a way of supporting businesses in their journey towards success.


In order to support the opening of Mettā and the launch of its membership program in January 2016, Mettā needed a membership solution that wasn’t archaic and involved traditional processes. Plastic membership cards, for starters, went completely against the spirit of innovation that Mettā was trying to foster. Because Mettā was designed for people and organizations who are passionate about changing the world through entrepreneurship and innovation, Mettā needed to lead by example.

The Solution

Mettā partnered with PassKit to distribute personalized digital membership cards across its 4 tiers of members - individuals, startups, business partners, and corporate members.

Members simply enrolled online and once their application was approved, they received an email with a link to their digital membership card. The digital membership card could instantly be saved in Apple Wallet and Android devices.

Members simply showed their digital membership card access the Mettā venue and enjoy the privileges across business and partner merchants in Hong Kong, such as at restaurants and fitness centers. Through the digital membership card, members are able to discover upcoming events and offers that are of most interest to them.


Mettā has created a new channel of mobile engagement with its community beyond the venue itself, with over 60% of Mettā members using their digital membership cards.

This has provided Mettā with the confidence to expand this solution across its new club in Nairobi as well as other locations as they open in the future.

For details on the solution, visit this page.

Metta Digital Membership Cards

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