Digital Art Museum Tickets

Create, manage and distribute art museum tickets straight to Apple and Google Wallet

Provide Easy Access to Art with Digital Museum Tickets

Distribute digital tickets that can be stored on visitors mobile devices, offering quick and secure entry to exhibitions. Make event management simple and ensure a smooth experience for all attendees with our digital ticketing solution.

Create Your Own Digital Ticket in Minutes

Personalized Digital Tickets for Every Exhibition

Create personalized digital art museum tickets for each exhibition. Improve your visitors' experience with custom QR tickets that simplify entry at the entrance gate. Visitors can receive their digital tickets online, ensuring easy access to renowned exhibits. Enjoy the immersive world of digital art with our unique digital tickets.

Stay Connected with Your Visitors

Use PassKit to communicate effectively with your visitors. Send updates, reminders, and personalized messages directly to their mobile devices through digital art tickets. Keep them informed about ticket prices, upcoming exhibitions, special events, and exclusive offers. Ensure they have all the information needed for a memorable visit to your museum.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Digital Art Museum Tickets

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Ease of Use

Digital art museum tickets offer unparalleled ease of use. Visitors can quickly purchase and access tickets from their mobile devices, avoiding long lines and physical tickets. The user-friendly system ensures a smooth entry experience, providing instant access to exhibits and vast artworks with just a few taps on a smartphone.

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 Ticket Flexibility

Digital tickets come in various types, offering flexibility for different needs. Single-entry tickets allow one-time access. Multi-entry tickets offer multiple visits over a set period. VIP tickets provide exclusive access. Group tickets cater to large parties. Annual memberships grant unlimited access with extra perks and benefits.

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Digital tickets improve security for art museum events by reducing the risk of counterfeit tickets through unique codes and real-time validation. This ensures that only authorized visitors gain access, enhancing overall safety. Additionally, digital records allow for accurate attendance tracking, aiding in effective crowd management and emergency response.

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Environmental Footprint

Digital tickets reduce the environmental footprint by minimizing the use of paper and ink, cutting down on physical waste. This eco-friendly approach supports sustainability initiatives and appeals to environmentally conscious visitors, helping museums to operate more sustainably and demonstrate their commitment to protecting the planet.

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Multi-Channel Distribution

Digital tickets support multi-channel distribution, allowing museums to sell tickets through various platforms such as their website, mobile apps, and third-party vendors. This broadens the reach to potential visitors, increases sales opportunities, and provides a seamless purchasing experience across different channels, catering to diverse customer preferences.

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Revenue Opportunities

Connecting with PassKit not only gives you full control over your digital tickets but also opens up new revenue channels that paper tickets can't offer. Digital tickets allow for upselling experiences, such as exclusive tours, special exhibits, or merchandise, providing additional income streams for your museum.

Passkit Dashboard Showing Charts and Event Data

Comprehensive Data and Analytics

Gain deep insights into your digital art museum ticket sales and visitor engagement with our advanced analytics platform. Monitor trends, visitor attendance, and demographic information to make well-informed decisions. Leverage this data to tailor your marketing efforts, plan exhibits more effectively, and improve visitor satisfaction. Our real-time reporting and detailed analytics keep you ahead of industry trends, ensuring that your museum events are not only well-attended but also provide a memorable experience for all guests.

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The PassKit Advantage

Speed to market

Get to market faster with pay-as-you-go pricing, free support and the freedom to scale up and down without contracts.


Experience a 99.5% uptime SLA made possible with automated failover and zero maintenance windows.

Operate at scale

Integrate Apple Wallet and Google Wallet passes into your existing infrastructure with minimal complexity and transparent support.

Loyalty Programs and Exclusive Rewards

Reward Your Frequent Visitors

Reward your frequent visitors with exclusive perks like discounts, early access, VIP areas, priority entry, and a loyalty points system.

  • Discounts on Museum Merchandise: Offer exclusive discounts on art prints, museum-branded items, and exhibit-related merchandise.
  • Early Access to Special Exhibits:: Provide early access to purchase tickets for upcoming exhibits and special events.
  • VIP Gallery Access: Grant access to exclusive gallery viewings and private tours with curators.
  • Membership Cards: Build a loyal community by offering membership cards that provide exclusive perks such as discounts, early access to exhibits
  • Loyalty Points System: mplement a points-based system where frequent visitors earn points for each visit and purchases. Points can be redeemed for future tickets, special experiences, or exclusive merchandise.
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Connect Passkit and Zapier For Automation Of Event Tickets

Connect Digital Tickets to Your Existing Systems

PassKit offers flexible integration solutions to incorporate digital art museum tickets into your existing workflows, improving efficiency and automation.

  API - Use PassKit's API to connect with your current systems, such as CRM software, marketing tools, event pages, and custom applications. This integration allows for continuous data flow and better management of digital art museum tickets.

  Web Hooks - Implement webhooks to get real-time updates on important event information. This feature supports ticket validation and keeps your registration systems up-to-date, which is essential for handling large or complex events with digital art tickets.

  Automation Tools - PassKit integrates with Zapier and Make, allowing you to automate event tasks by connecting with thousands of apps, such as email marketing services and project management tools.

Global Ticket Management With Passkit

We partner with art museums around the world, offering a platform that efficiently manages large volumes of digital tickets for various events. Our system is designed to handle the complexities of global ticket distribution, ensuring smooth operations no matter the scale. By joining our international network, your museum can easily connect with a broader audience, simplify ticket management, and provide an exceptional experience for visitors from all over the world.

45 Day Free Trial Pricing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our digital tickets use both barcodes and QR codes for scanning, allowing visitors to gain secure and quick entry to your exhibitions. By scanning the barcode or QR code at the entrance, visitors can quickly access the exhibit without the hassle of physical tickets. This system ensures tickets are validated efficiently, making the process effective and eco-friendly.

Digital tickets can be linked to additional multimedia content, such as exhibit information, audio guides, and interactive features. This adds more context and depth to the exhibits, allowing visitors to explore the museum in a more interactive and engaging way, making their visit more memorable.

Visitors can buy tickets online through your museum's website, and our platform will handle the digital ticket management. The tickets will reflect the ticket price set by your museum and can be easily stored on visitors' mobile devices for quick entry

Yes, our digital ticket system is capable of handling large-scale events and exhibitions. Whether it's a special exhibit like teamLab Planets Tokyo or a regular event, our platform ensures efficient ticket management and entry for all visitors. Our system can manage high volumes of visitors, providing real-time updates and ensuring that each guest has a smooth and enjoyable experience from entry to exit.