Digital Auto Insurance Cards

Create, manage and distribute Auto Insurance Cards straight to Apple and Google Wallet

Digitize Your Auto Policies with PassKit

PassKit helps insurers distribute digital auto insurance cards for cars, vans, trucks, and motorcycles directly to customers' mobile phones. Manage policies more effectively and provide instant access to policy details, boosting customer satisfaction and improving overall operations.

Passkits Digital ID Card Designer

Design Your Policy Passes

With PassKit Designer, insurers can create fully customized digital policy passes. Use the intuitive design tools to add your branding, choose colors, and adjust layouts. Easily update and modify designs as needed, ensuring each policy pass meets your exact specifications and provides a professional experience for your customers.

Digital Auto Insurance Card Example

Send Real-Time Updates

Keep your policyholders informed with PassKit's real-time updates. Instantly send notifications about policy changes, renewals, and important information directly to their mobile device. This ensures your customers always have the latest details, improving their experience and keeping them up-to-date with crucial information.

Customer Register Details Insurance Card

Quick and Easy Member Registration and Distribution

With PassKit, insurers can easily manage the registration and distribution of digital auto insurance cards. Policyholders can sign up through your website, email, or text message using a simple form.

Insurers can design the registration form to their specifications using our form designer and custom CSS, ensuring it meets their unique needs and branding. This customization allows for a tailored onboarding experience, making the process smooth and user-friendly for both insurers and policyholders.

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Benefits Of Using Digital Auto Insurance Cards

Improved User Experience Icon

Improved User Experience

Policyholders can easily access a digital version of thier insurance details and updates on their mobile devices. This convenience allows them to manage their information efficiently, receive real-time notifications, and stay informed, ultimately improving overall customer satisfaction.

Cards Are Never Misplaced Icon

Cards Are Never Misplaced

Policyholders never misplace their insurance cards. Accessible on mobile devices, these digital cards ensure that insurance details are always available when needed. This reliability provides peace of mind

Grow Without Limits Icon

Grow Without Limits

Easily scale your insurance services to handle increasing policyholder numbers. Our platform supports both enterprise-level needs and growth, ensuring reliable service throughout. Manage more policies without disruption, meeting the demands of a growing customer base

Eco-Friendly Solution Icon

Eco-Friendly Solution

Our digital insurance card eliminates the need for paper and plastic, significantly reducing environmental impact. By going digital, you contribute to a greener planet while providing policyholders with convenient, accessible, and sustainable insurance solutions.

Secure Icon


Protect policyholder information with advanced security measures, including Google and Apple Wallet features and two-factor authentication. Manage customer data securely and confidently.

Cost-efficient Icon


Reduce expenses from printing and mailing physical cards and improve operations to optimize your budget. Enjoy a cost-efficient approach to managing and distributing insurance policies, maximizing savings while maintaining high service quality.

Digital Library Cards with Perks and Rewards

PassKit's platform integrates digital auto insurance cards with loyalty programs and rewards, offering a complete solution for improving policyholder relationships and interaction. Insurers can manage processes efficiently and create a more connected customer base.

  • Loyalty Program: Create programs that reward policyholders for their loyalty and engagement. Offer points or exclusive rewards that can be accessed through their electronic insurance card, providing an incentive for continued commitment
  • Exclusive Discounts: Offer policyholders discounts on car maintenance, automotive services, and partner retail stores or insurance company. These perks can be easily accessed and redeemed via their digital auto insurance card.
  • Digital Vouchers and Gift Cards: Send digital vouchers and gift cards directly to policyholders' Google and Apple Wallets as rewards for their loyalty. These can be easily accessed and redeemed, offering a flexible and appealing incentive for maintaining their insurance and engaging with your programs.
Hand Holding Mobile Phone With Four Passkit Loyalty Cards
Passkit Dashboard Showing Charts and Data

Comprehensive Data Insights

Gain valuable insights into policyholder behavior and program performance with PassKit's comprehensive data analytics. Our platform provides detailed reports on engagement, usage patterns, and redemption rates, enabling insurers to make informed decisions. Use this data to optimize your loyalty programs, improve customer interaction, and drive business growth. With our advanced analytics, you can ensure your strategies are data-driven and aligned with your goals.

45 Day Free Trial Pricing

The PassKit Advantage

Speed to market

Get to market faster with pay-as-you-go pricing, free support and the freedom to scale up and down without contracts.


Experience a 99.5% uptime SLA made possible with automated failover and zero maintenance windows.

Operate at scale

Integrate Apple Wallet and Google Wallet passes into your existing infrastructure with minimal complexity and transparent support.

Connect Passkit and Zapier For Automation Of Insurance Policy

Integrate PassKit to Your Existing Systems

PassKit supports integration with various third-party apps, making it easy to connect your existing tools and automate your policy passess.

  API - PassKit's API allows you to link your current systems, such as CRM platforms, marketing tools, website pages, and custom applications.

  Web Hooks - Set up webhooks to receive instant notifications for critical auto insurance card data. This feature keeps your system up-to-date with the latest information, which is essential for managing large or complex policyholder programs.

  Automation Tools - PassKit integrates with Zapier and Make, connecting to thousands of apps like email marketing services and project management tools for automation of tasks.