Digital Coupons

Create and distribute Digital Coupons to Apple and Google Wallet

Upgrade Your Marketing Strategy with Digital Coupons

Digital coupons provide an effective way to attract and retain customers. Easily create, customize, and distribute coupons through various channels to increase engagement and drive sales. Gather valuable consumer data to refine your marketing efforts and improve customer satisfaction with PassKit's digital coupon solutions.

Drive Sales With Special Offers and Discounts

Drive Sales with Special Offers and Discounts

Offering special discounts and promotions through digital coupons can significantly increase your sales. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when they perceive added value through discounts. By providing easily accessible digital coupons, you can attract new customers, encourage repeat business, and build stronger customer relationships, ultimately driving higher sales and customer satisfaction.

Maximize Reach with Multi-Channel Distribution

Distribute Coupons Through Various Channels

Using multiple channels to distribute your digital coupons ensures they reach a wide and diverse audience. By leveraging email, social media, SMS and your website, you can improve visibility and accessibility. This strategy not only broadens your customer base but also encourages repeat business. PassKit’s platform provides the tools you need to efficiently manage and execute this multi-channel distribution.

Attract, Engage, And Retain Customers With Data-Driven Coupons

Personalized Discounts Based on Customer Data

Create unique discount offers that match your customers' individual preferences. By analyzing customer data, you can design personalized promotions that cater to their specific needs.

Special Perks for Loyal Customers

Offer your loyal customers special perks such as exclusive discounts, early access to new products, and personalized rewards. These benefits make your customers feel appreciated and encourage continued patronage.

Digital Coupons for a Mobile-Only Lifestyle

As people move away from carrying wallets, digital coupons offer an eco-friendly and convenient option. Eliminate paper use and provide customers with instant access to discounts via Apple and Google Wallet.

Create Your Own Digital Coupons in Minutes

PassKit's Pass Designer simplifies creating eye-catching digital coupons for businesses of any size. Design custom coupons featuring your logo, colors, and personalized messaging to reinforce your brand. Our platform ensures maximum reach by supporting both Google Wallet and Apple Wallet. Choose from QR, Aztec, or PDF417 barcodes for easy customer redemption. With PassKit's white-label solution, you have complete control over the design and distribution of your coupons, tailoring them to specific campaigns and promotions. Customers can conveniently store and redeem coupons directly from their phones, encouraging repeat visits and boosting sales. PassKit streamlines the entire process, making it simple to create, distribute, and track your digital coupon campaigns.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Digital Coupons

Easy To Use Design Tools Icon

Easy-to-Use Design Tools

PassKit's design tools make creating digital coupons straightforward. With a simple interface, you can add logos, images, and brand colors easily. Customize each coupon with recipient details and barcodes for tracking. This user-friendly approach allows you to create professional-looking coupons without needing advanced design skills.

Attract New Customers Icon

Attract New Customers

Digital coupons are an effective tool for attracting new customers. By offering enticing discounts or special deals, you can encourage potential customers to try your products or services. These initial incentives can help convert first-time visitors into loyal customers who return for future purchases.

Flexibility in Promotion Types Icon

Flexibility in Promotion Types

Digital coupons offer flexibility in the types of promotions you can run, such as percentage discounts, buy-one-get-one-free offers, or free shipping. This versatility allows you to experiment with different promotions to see which ones resonate best with your customers and drive the most sales.

Increase Sales During Slow Periods Icon

Increase Sales During Slow Periods

Offering digital coupons during slow periods can help boost sales by incentivizing customers to make purchases. Special promotions and discounts encourage customers to shop when they might not have planned to, helping to maintain a steady flow of revenue even during typically quiet times.

Generate Excitement for New Product Launches Icon

Generate Excitement for New Product Launches

Use digital coupons to draw attention to new product launches. Offering special discounts or exclusive deals on new items can entice customers to buy and try your latest products. This approach boosts initial sales and builds interest in your new offerings.

Push and Dynamic Updates Icon

Push and Dynamic Updates

Keep customers engaged with push notifications and dynamic updates for your digital coupons. Instantly send personalized offers, updates, and reminders directly to their mobile devices. Notifications appear on lock screens, ensuring timely interactions. This real-time engagement helps maintain customer interest and drives higher redemption rates for your digital coupons.

Passkit Dashboard Showing Charts and Event Data

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

PassKit’s real-time analytics and reporting tools provide valuable insights into customer interactions and digital coupon performance. These insights help businesses adjust their strategies, measure effectiveness, and make informed, data-driven decisions. By understanding customer preferences and trends, businesses can customize their coupon programs, improve marketing efforts, and increase overall program efficiency, leading to better customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Digital Coupons In Industries

PassKit’s digital coupon solutions help businesses across various industries strengthen customer relationships and achieve lasting growth. By offering versatile and user-friendly tools, PassKit enables companies to create effective marketing strategies tailored to their unique needs.

Hospitality Sector


Hotels and resorts can offer digital coupons for discounts on stays, dining, and services. This convenience encourages repeat visits and enhances guest satisfaction.

Healthcare Sector


Retail stores can provide digital coupons for special promotions, attracting new customers and driving sales. These coupons can be redeemed both in-store and online.

Fitness and Wellness Sector

Fitness and Wellness

Gyms and spas can issue digital coupons for memberships, classes, and treatments. This encourages new member sign-ups and promotes gift purchases.

Food and Beverage Sector

Food and Beverage

Restaurants and cafes can use digital coupons for meal discounts or pre-paid offers, making the dining experience more appealing and convenient for customers.

Entertainment Sector


Movie theaters and amusement parks can utilize digital coupons for discounted admissions, concessions, and merchandise, encouraging frequent visits and repeat business.

E-Commerce Sector


Online retailers can use digital coupons for special offers, promotions, and rewards, improving the shopping experience and building customer loyalty.

Integrate Digital Coupons with Loyalty and Membership Programs

Unify Your Loyalty and Coupon Strategies

PassKit's platform brings together coupons, digital gift cards, membership cards, and loyalty programs. Make managing customer engagement easier with PassKit's all-in-one digital wallet solution, designed for your business needs.

  • Digital Gift Cards: Boost sales by offering digital coupons, making it easy for customers to redeem special offers. Encourage repeat business with convenient incentives, ensuring customers keep returning for more purchases.
  • Membership Cards: Efficiently manage memberships and rewards, providing exclusive perks to loyal customers. Track activity and reward loyalty to improve customer satisfaction and engagement, fostering strong, long-term relationships with your brand.
  • Loyalty Programs: Appreciate loyal customers with freebies, exclusive access, or extra discounts. Tailor programs to match customer preferences, building lasting loyalty and satisfaction, while strengthening brand loyalty and encouraging repeat business.
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Connect Passkit and Zapier For Automation Of Event Tickets

Connect PassKit with Your Existing Systems

PassKit supports integration with various third-party apps, making it easy to connect your existing tools and automate your coupons.

  API - PassKit's API allows you to link your current systems, such as CRM platforms, marketing tools, website page and custom applications.

  Web Hooks - Set up webhooks to get instant notifications for critical gift card data. This feature helps validate transactions and keeps your system up-to-date with the latest information, which is essential for managing large or complex digital coupon programs.

  Automation Tools - PassKit integrates with Zapier and Make, connecting to thousands of apps like email marketing services and project management tools for automation of tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coupons provide discounts or special offers that encourage customers to make purchases. Businesses can distribute digital coupons through various channels like email, social media, or their website. Customers redeem these coupons at checkout, which can help businesses increase sales and clear out inventory.

Yes, coupons are an effective marketing strategy. They attract new customers, encourage repeat business, and increase brand loyalty. Coupons can also help businesses stand out in a competitive market by offering value to customers and incentivizing purchases.

Coupons increase sales by providing an immediate incentive for customers to buy. They can encourage larger purchases, attract price-sensitive customers, and prompt quick decisions. Additionally, coupons can help move slow-selling products and boost overall revenue.

To attract customers, promote your coupons through email newsletters, social media, and your website. Use clear and compelling messages highlighting the value of the discount. Limited-time offers create urgency, while exclusive deals for loyal customers enhance engagement and retention.