Digital Health Insurance Card

Create, manage and distribute digital health insurance Cards straight to Apple and Google Wallet

Deliver Health Insurance Policies Digitally

Ensure your customers can easily access their health insurance policy details and benefits whenever they need them. Digital health insurance cards offer a convenient and secure way for policyholders to stay informed about their coverage and quickly access their essential health information.

Passkits Digital ID Card Designer

Create Customizable Digital Health Passes

Create health policy passes with your branding, policy details, and member information. Distribute these digital passes to policyholders, ensuring they have instant access to their health insurance details. Include essential information on the back of the pass for a comprehensive and professional touch, providing all necessary information at their fingertips.

Passkit Example Health Insurance Pass In Use

Keep Policyholders Instantly Informed

Ensure your policyholders are always up-to-date with instant notifications directly to their mobile wallet. Provide real-time updates on policy changes, coverage details, and important health information. By keeping your customers instantly informed, you improve their satisfaction and engagement, making sure they have access to the most current information whenever they need it..

Passkit Dashboard Showing Charts and Data

Fast Member Enrollment and Distribution

With PassKit, health insurers can easily manage the registration and distribution of digital health insurance cards. Policyholders can sign up via your website, email, or text message using a straightforward form.

This system allows policyholders to quickly obtain a digital insurance card, access their policy details, and store their card on their mobile device. By offering a smooth registration process and instant digital access, health insurers can provide a convenient and modern experience for their customers, eliminating the need for physical insurance cards.

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Benefits Of Using Digital Health Insurance Cards

Instant Access To Policy Details Icon

Instant Access To Policy Details

Digital health insurance cards improve the customer experience by offering quick access to essential information. With a simple tap, customers can view health plans, policy details, coverage summaries, deductibles, co-pays, and participating healthcare providers. They can also contact customer support, making it easier for them to navigate their healthcare decisions confidently and efficiently.

Cost Savings Icon

Cost Savings

Switching to a digital member id card provides significant cost savings by eliminating printing and mailing expenses. This reduction in material and postage costs benefits both insurers and policyholders. The transition to digital cards also lowers overall expenses, making the entire process more cost-effective.

Lower Administrative Burden Icon

Lower Administrative Burden

Switching to digital health insurance cards significantly lowers administrative burden. Automated distribution and updates reduce manual tasks, allowing staff to focus on more strategic activities. This shift not only streamlines operations but also improves efficiency, enabling quicker responses to policy holder needs and reducing overall operational costs for the organization.

High-Volume Pass Management Icon

High-Volume Pass Management

Our system excels in high-volume pass management, handling large numbers of digital health insurance cards. Designed for scalability, it ensures efficient distribution and updates, regardless of demand. This capability supports growing organizations, providing a reliable and effective solution for managing extensive policy holder bases without compromising on performance or service quality.

Eco-Friendly Icon


Switching to digital policy pass solutions provides an eco-friendly approach by reducing the need for paper and plastic. This environmentally conscious strategy helps lower the carbon footprint, contributing to a greener planet while maintaining efficient and modern service for your policyholders.

Customer-Centric Service Icon

Customer-Centric Service

Our digital member id card solutions focus on a customer-centric service approach. By providing necessary tools and easy access to policy information, we ensure policy holders have a positive experience. This dedication to user needs leads to higher satisfaction and loyalty, making customers feel valued and appreciated throughout their journey.

Loyalty Programs for Digital Health Cards

PassKit's platform combines digital health insurance cards with loyalty programs and discounts, offering a comprehensive solution for policyholder engagement and improved service delivery.

  • Loyalty Program: Reward policyholders with loyalty programs that offer points, badges, or special rewards. Insurers can provide incentives for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as discounts on health services, free health products, or access to exclusive wellness events
  • Exclusive Discounts: Provide policyholders with exclusive discounts at partner pharmacies, fitness centers, and health-related services. They can enjoy reduced prices on medications, gym memberships, and other health services.
  • Referral Rewards: Encourage policyholders to refer friends and family to your health insurance plan by offering referral rewards. Policyholders can earn points, discounts, or special perks when their referrals sign up, promoting word-of-mouth marketing and rewarding loyal customers for helping grow your community.
Hand Holding Mobile Phone WIth Four Passkit Loyalty Cards
Passkit Dashboard Showing Charts and Data

Insightful Analytics and Reports

Our platform provides insightful analytics and reports to help you understand policyholder behavior and preferences. Track engagement with digital health insurance cards, monitor the effectiveness of loyalty programs, and identify trends that can inform your strategies. With detailed and actionable data, you can make informed decisions to enhance service delivery, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize operations.

45 Day Free Trial Pricing

The PassKit Advantage

Speed to market

Get to market faster with pay-as-you-go pricing, free support and the freedom to scale up and down without contracts.


Experience a 99.5% uptime SLA made possible with automated failover and zero maintenance windows.

Operate at scale

Integrate Apple Wallet and Google Wallet passes into your existing infrastructure with minimal complexity and transparent support.

Connect Passkit and Zapier For Automation Of Insurance Policy

Integrate PassKit with Your Current Systems

PassKit supports integration with various third-party apps, making it easy to connect your existing tools and automate your digital health solutions.

  API - PassKit's API allows you to link your current systems, such as CRM platforms, marketing tools, website pages, and custom applications.

  Web Hooks - Set up webhooks to receive instant notifications for critical health insurance data. This feature ensures your system is always updated with the latest information, which is essential for managing large or complex policyholder programs.

  Automation Tools - PassKit integrates with Zapier and Make, connecting to thousands of apps like email marketing services and project management tools for automation of tasks.