Digital Sports Tickets

Create, manage and distribute sports tickets straight to Apple and Google Wallet

Offer Your Fans a Better Ticketing Experience

Give your fans a modern and convenient way to buy tickets to your sporting events with our digital ticketing platform. Reduce wait times and ticket fraud while improving the fan experience.

Create Your Own Digital Ticket in Minutes

Your Design, Your Logo, Your Way

With PassKit, you can create digital sports tickets tailored to your brand. Customize details, style, logos, and colors. Suitable for any event type, from athletics to school functions. Manage ticket sales, track attendees, and ensure secure mobile entry. Enjoy the convenience of digital tickets without the hassle of traditional paper tickets.

Passkit Sports Event Ticket On Mobile Phone

Stay Connected with Your Attendees

Ensure a smooth experience with PassKit's digital ticketing platform. Use our software to send updates, schedules, and important details directly to mobile devices. Promote your website, provide secure access, and keep your community engaged, informed, and ready for every sporting event.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Digital Sports Tickets

Scalability For Large Events Icon

Scalability for Large Events

PassKit's digital ticketing solutions are designed for large events with thousands of attendees. Easily handle ticket distribution and validation, reducing the workload on staff. This system ensures efficient management, making it suitable for large-scale events where controlling high volumes of attendees is important.

Integrated Marketing Opportunities Icon

Integrated Marketing Opportunities

Digital tickets can include targeted marketing messages, upgrades, and special discounts. Engage attendees with relevant offers and updates before, during, and after the event. By integrating marketing into digital tickets, you can boost sales, drive engagement, and improve the overall event experience. This approach ensures that attendees receive timely and pertinent information.

Dynamic Ticketing Options Icon

Dynamic Ticketing Options

Digital tickets allow you to easily create and manage various ticket types, such as general admission, VIP, and early access. This flexibility caters to different attendee preferences, ensuring everyone finds a suitable option. It organizes the process of offering multiple ticket tiers, helping to keep event planning straightforward.

Multi-Event Management Icon

Multi-Event Management

Digital tickets allow event organizers to manage multiple events from one platform. They can oversee different events, track ticket installs, and monitor attendance all in one place. This setup saves time, improves organization, and provides a straightforward way to handle events with multiple dates or locations.

Access To Exclusive Content Icon

Access to Exclusive Content

Digital tickets can grant attendees access to exclusive content such as backstage tours, Q&A sessions, and meet-and-greet opportunities. This added value improves the event experience, providing unique perks that are only available to digital ticket holders, making the event more memorable and engaging.

Real-time Updates Icon

Instant Ticket Downloads

Digital tickets can be downloaded immediately after purchase, ensuring attendees have instant access. This feature eliminates the wait for physical delivery, reduces the risk of lost tickets, and allows attendees to store their tickets securely on their devices. Instant downloads provide convenience and readiness for future events.

Passkit Dashboard Showing Charts and Sports Event Data

Comprehensive Event Data and Metrics

Utilize PassKit’s integration with Google Wallet and Apple Wallet to gather real-time event metrics. Monitor ticket sales, analyze attendee behavior, and track engagement levels with precision. Our platform delivers detailed insights, helping you understand revenue streams and attendance trends. Use these analytics to refine marketing strategies, efficiently manage ticket validation, and customize event tickets. Leverage comprehensive data to tailor events to your audience, ensuring successful outcomes through informed, data-driven decisions.

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Digital Tickets for Every Sport

PassKit provides comprehensive digital ticketing solutions for all types of sports, ensuring efficient management and an improved experience for attendees.

Football Ticketing


Stadiums, sports clubs, and league organizers can improve their football events with PassKit's digital ticketing software



Basketball arenas, tournament organizers, and sports complexes can ensure efficient entry and attendance tracking.



Cricket stadiums, local clubs, and international event organizers will find digital ticketing ideal for managing matches.



Tennis clubs, tournament directors, and sports facilities can streamline their operations from ticket sales to event management.



Baseball stadiums, teams, and league organizers can improve games by managing local, major league, and international tournaments with Passkit.

American Football

American Football

High schools, colleges, and professional teams can improve their American football events with digital ticketing system.

Build Fan Loyalty and Interaction

Sports Tickets with Built-in Loyalty Benefits

Engage fans with interactive features and loyalty programs through their mobile tickets. PassKit’s platform supports digital rewards, membership perks, season tickets, and loyalty incentives, improving fan engagement and retention.

  • Digital Discounts: Offer exclusive discounts and promotions to fans, encouraging repeat attendance and boosting ticket sales.
  • Season Tickets: Provide special benefits for Season Ticket holders, such as priority access, exclusive merchandise, and personalized experiences.
  • Fan Memberships: Manage fan memberships and reward programs efficiently, offering special perks to loyal attendees.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Give incentives like free merchandise, VIP experiences, or behind-the-scenes access to frequent fans, fostering long-term loyalty.
  • Exclusive Access: Offer dedicated entry points, lounges, and meet-and-greet opportunities for loyal fans and members.
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Connect Passkit and Zapier For Automation Of Event Tickets

Connect PassKit to Your Existing Systems

PassKit integrates with various third-party applications, making it easy to connect your existing tools and automate event management tasks.

  API - Use PassKit's API to connect your existing systems, including CRM platforms, marketing tools, event pages, and custom applications.

  Web Hooks - Set up webhooks to get real-time updates on important event data. This helps with ticket validation and ensures your registration system stays updated, which is crucial for handling large or complex events.

  Automation Tools - PassKit integrates with Zapier and Make, allowing you to automate event tasks by connecting with thousands of apps, such as email marketing services and project management tools.

Your Sports, Worldwide Reach

Partner with us to take your sports events global. We support businesses from around the world, offering opportunities to connect with an international audience. Our platform ensures seamless event management and fan engagement, enabling you to expand your reach and make a global impact.

45 Day Free Trial Pricing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Organizers can monitor ticket usage through PassKit's comprehensive platform. The system tracks scanned tickets, providing detailed data. This allows athletic directors and event staff to have a central location for all event ticketing information. By using mobile devices, organizers can access data instantly, ensuring accurate attendance records for athletic events. The platform also supports security measures to validate tickets and monitor customer flow.

Absolutely. Our system allows for reserved seating arrangements, making it easy for event staff to ensure that each attendee has a designated seat, improving the overall event experience. This is especially beneficial for high-profile athletic events and games, ensuring security and organized seating at the venue.

Yes, PassKit is ideal for school events, offering a seamless event ticketing experience. The mobile ticketing system enables students and other attendees to receive and manage their tickets via mobile devices. This eliminates the need for physical tickets or printed tickets, making it cost-effective and efficient. Athletic directors can easily organize and manage events, track tickets sold, and handle reserved seating.