The Event/Entertainment O2O Solution

Deliver an engaging mobile experience that leaves them wanting more.

The Reality of Event/Entertainment O2O

You’re all about offering an unforgettable Event/Experience. You’ve got a limited time to make an impression. And to maximize interaction, you want to engage people before, during and after. Which is why we’ve designed several O2O solutions that help you excite people early on, provoke increased action on-ground, and leave them wanting more.

Solutions Use Cases
Reality of Events and Entertainment
  • No. of group business trips will rise in 2015 and spending per trip is around US$700 per person.

    Global Business Travel Association

Event/Entertainment Challenges & Implications

Smartphone Penetration

Mobile Is Expected

Who hasn’t got one? Some of your customers have two. What used to be the second screen is now THE screen. And time spent with mobile devices (127mins / day) is now close to that of TV (168-mins / day). And yet you’re probably not spending anywhere near as much marketing effort there.

Convenience Is King

Convenience Is King

Longer working hours and more stressful jobs increase expectations for convenient entertainment experiences and events. The focus lies on your customers and delivering a personalized solution that’s easy to activate.

Freedom For All

Freedom For All

Consumers want to be in charge. The desire to consume content wherever they are, whenever they want, is no longer a nice to have but a must have. And if you want to stand out you need to beat the benchmark.

New Generation

New Generation

Daily activities that 20 years ago were normal are slowly becoming less attractive. Innovation requires marketers to quickly adapt to the latest technological changes, or they risk losing their business completely in the long run due to a change of demand and behavior.

Reduced Waste + Greener Practices

Reduced Waste + Greener Practices

CSR is playing an ever more important role, and reducing waste is key. Especially at an event where all eyes are on you and your attendee’s actions. Isn’t it time you got rid of physical tickets and passes?

Understanding Consumer Behavior + Preference

Understanding Consumer Behavior + Preference

What do women want? What do men crave? What does 21 year old, 6ft3 Jimmy Cowen from Park View in San Francisco desire? You want answers and require detailed analytics in order to get them; to know your customers and really offer something they’ll love.

Example Events / Entertainment Executions

Event Invite

Distribute mobile wallet content

Share 100 exclusive passes via Email to VIP guests

Send notifications

Send notification reminder on day of event with secret location

Beacons trigger messages

Beacon outside location triggers lock-screen message “Welcome, show pass to collect free drink”

Scan pass

Scan pass to collect drink

Pass stays in phone

Pass stays in phone for future campaign / communications

Membership Card

Distribute mobile wallet content

Share pass on social and via QR Code at event

Mobile wallet membership card activation

Member card is activated via a link on the back

Personalized pass

Facebook connect allows for easy personalization

Personalized membership card

Member card now has profile picture and name

Membership card redemption

User shows member card to redeem rewards at event, experience or individual booth

Event/Entertainment O2O Benefits

Built to be mobile

Instead of pushing content on consumers, pull them into an experience by offering something that engages them on a channel they are already heavily invested in.

Easy to use

You’ll love how simple our O2O solutions are. The online Pass Designer is particularly easy to use and creating a campaign can be done in seconds.

Streamlined + personal service

Start to offer consumers more targeted, tailored, tastier treats by delivering a personal experience that’s related to their preferences. Content can be delivered to individuals or groups according to behavior.

A new marketing channel

Send lock-screen notifications directly to a consumer's phone rather than by SMS, Social, Email or any other channel for that matter.

No more waste

Instantly go from paper/plastic to digital with a mobile O2O solution that cuts all printing cost and offers you more efficient distribution options. Celebrate reaching a new level of CSR.

Analytical data

Get location, date, time, and other behavior data from an O2O campaign and then tweak your offering in real-time.

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