Set up & manage your entire beacon network through the cloud.

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Beacon Fleet Management, Made Easy

GemNet Beacon Management Platform

Managing dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of beacons across multiple locations can be challenging. How many beacons have been installed in this mall? What will customers see when they walk past the beacon located at the entrace of the building? How much foot traffic did your beacon generate? How many people took action upon seeing your beacon?

GemNet is the microlocation management tool of choice for leading enterprises around the world. Deploy your beacons once and let GemNet handle the rest.

Scalable, Secure, Beacon Agnostic Platform

GemNet Venue and Location Management

Venue & Location Segmentation

Easily deploy, manage, and track your beacon network across multiple stores, venues, and locations.

GemNet Beacon Remote Management

Remote Management

Deploy your beacons once and configure your beacons through GemNet so that you always stay in control.

GemNet Beacon Management Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Track and measure the ROI of your beacon campaigns, including traffic generated, conversions, and more.

GemNet Supports All Beacons

Beacon Agnostic

While GemTot Beacons work seamlessly with GemNet, GemNet also supports any beacon broadcasting iBeacon, AltBeacon, and Eddystone.

GemNet Experience Automation

Experience Automation

Set up Eddystone URLs and deliver targeted campaigns to mobile devices based on proximity.

GemNet App Integration

App Integration

Set up logic, rules, and event triggers for all the apps associated with your beacons.

GemNet Status Monitoring

Status Monitoring

Monitor the status of your deployments so that everything is always working as expected.

WeChat Campaign Management

WeChat Campaigns

Manage your WeChat beacon discovery campaigns directly through GemNet.

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