Hospitality in the Tech Age

Deliver Unparalleled Guest Experiences & Streamline Operations

With increasing customer demands and tech-savvy guests who expect unique and personalized experiences, there's no wonder why the hospitality industry faces challenges in growing room occupancy rates and retaining a loyal base of customers. Not to mention operations being hampered by older systems and outdated infrastructure.

Current Challenges in the Hospitality Industry

Guest Profiling Hospitality

Guest Profiling

From behavioral data such as dining & leisure choices, to personal preferences and demographic information, hotels struggle with knowing how to use this intelligence to achieve greater guest satisfaction.

Fragmented Data in Hospitality

Fragmented Data

Data that is collected by hotels often sit independently of one another. In order for hotels to truly deliver personalized experiences requires a centralized, holistic view of all data that flows seamlessly between silos.

Customers Demand Personalization

Guests Demand More

Guests have increased expectations for service and quality that is available anytime and anywhere. Today's generation expect experiences integrated with technology and real-time, instant communications.

The Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy

The emergence of companies like AirBnb mean lesser demand for hotel rooms, but also can negatively impact ancillary revenue streams: restaurants, spas, business centers, luggage fees, etc. Hotels must continue to deliver differentiated experiences to retain and grow its market share.

Positive and Negative Reviews

Information Society

Positive and negative reviews live eternally in the digital world. Guests are constantly reading reviews and comparing rates when making booking decisions. Hotels not only need to maintain their position online, but also ensure that offline experiences on premise are exceptional.

Accelerating Change & Merging of Technologies

Member/Guest Management

Easily manage, segment, and retarget guests based on their demographic, behaviors, and preferences. Have a holistic view of guest profiles across all of your loyalty & membership programs through a single CRM platform.

On-Premise Experiences

Use location based reminders to maximize your guests' experiences. From offering dining discounts to providing exclusive spa promotions, you'll be able to capture the attention of guests at the right time and when they're most likely to take action.

Loyalty and Beyond

Open a new, direct line of communication and engagement with your guests via the mobile wallet channel. Keep them up to date on latest deals, send birthday greetings, and continue the conversation with them wherever they are in the world.

The Results

We take the guesswork out of how to drive revenue and deliver engaging, world-class guest experiences.

  Right Place, Right Time

Stay top of mind at every stage of your guest's stay with location and time-based reminders.

  Increase Spend

Deliver exceptional experiences that encourage guests to spend more on-premise - dining, business, leisure, and more.

  Grow Customer Base

Expand target groups to include different segments of guests and diversify distribution channels.

  Enhance Engagement

Increase customer engagement and drive loyalty through adapting offers & content to reflect individual customer profiles.

  Personalized Conversations

Create personalized 1-to-1 conversations and experiences with customers based on language, culture, preferences, and behavior.

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