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Mobile wallet solutions for customers and employees.

Current Challenges & Trends in the Insurance Industry

Fragmented Data in Hospitality


Whether it's searching for new insurance policies, checking the status of a claim, or purchasing insurance for an upcoming vacation, customers expect to be able to do this on the go - via mobile.

Guest Profiling Hospitality

Disruptive Technologies

To avoid falling behind the competition, insurance companies need to adopt an innovative mindset of their own and actively look for ways that technology can be used to transform their business models and boost efficiency.

Customer Expectations

Customer Expectations

Today's customers expect a seamless, intelligent process from insurance businesses. Which includes anything from digital applications to receiving cross-channel, personalized interactions from their insurance agents.

Positive and Negative Reviews

Workflow Automation

Insurance agents need to spend more time interacting with customers and less time sorting through papers. And the key to moving toward a more digital environment and enhancing customer experiences is to automate workflows where appropriate.


Digital Insurance Policies

Provide a convenient way for customers to access their insurance policies right from their mobile wallet. No more sending insurance booklets or mailing plastic cards. Customers can easily access everything they need - hotlines, schedule of benefits, links to claims forms - in just a few taps.

  • Direct customer engagement channel through wallet.
  • Convenient renewal with easy payment option.
  • Single tap to view web assets (e.g. benefits schedule, claims form).
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FWD Digital Insurance Policy Mobile Wallet

Agent Management System

Use the Agent Management System to manage all of your agents and open up a new channel of employee engagement. Promote events and send targeted content straight to agents' phones.

  • Direct channel to engage with agents with news and updates.
  • Track training/event attendance & remind agents to complete certification requirements.
  • Integrates with SMS and email.

Digital Medical ID Cards

Provide ultimate customer convenience and reduce fraud with digital medical ID cards. No need to print out and mail cards anymore. Customers can easily access everything they need right from their digital medical ID cards - contact information, benefits, links, and more.

  • Direct communication channel to members for policy updates, company news, etc.
  • Member benefit validation & reduction of fraud.
  • Instantly delivery of digital medical ID cards (compared to mailing of traditional plastic cards).

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