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Break down silos and empower automated workflows; transforming the way you engage your customers.
Streamline operations, gain deeper insights, and deliver exceptional experiences.

Automate Pass Personalisation

Passes can be dynamically personalized based on data in your other systems, ensuring that each pass is tailored to the individual recipient.

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Automate Pass Updates

Automate updates to ensure that users always have the latest information. Push notifications can be used to engage users with timely updates, reminders, and offers.

Extend capabilities, automate functions, and ship faster with PassKit integrations


For complete control and customization, leverage PassKit's Software Developer Kits to integrate directly into your applications.

No-Code Automations

Simplify integration with no-code tools like Make and Zapier. Design and manage your PassKit workflows without writing a single line of code.

Pre-built Integrations

Utilize pre-built solutions like webhooks and Mailchimp to effortlessly connect PassKit with your existing systems.

Integrate PassKit in Minutes

Once you have designed your pass, you can optionally integrate passes with your other systems and applications. You do this using the PassKit Developer Quickstarts, PassKit Webhooks, Make, Zapier, or using the integrations available in the PassKit Portal.

SDKs Webhooks Make Zapier
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What Are The Benefits Of PassKit Integrations?

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Improved Customer Engagement

PassKit can integrate with customer databases, CRM systems, and marketing automation tools to create personalized digital passes tailored to individual preferences and behaviors.

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Enhanced Loyalty Programs

Integrate PassKit with your loyalty program software to automatically update digital loyalty cards. This enables customers to easily and instantly track their points and rewards, increasing loyalty program participation.

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Streamlined Operations

Integration with CRM, inventory and POS systems can help businesses manage available offers, discounts, and tickets in real-time, reducing errors and overcommitment.

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Customer Convenience

PassKit simplifies wallet pass management in Apple and Google Wallet. Businesses can leverage integrations to trigger updates, keeping customers informed about events, offers, and expiring coupons.

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Analytics and Insights

Integrated systems streamline pass data collection (install date, wallet type, location) to fuel marketing insights and campaign measurement through reports and dashboards.

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Cost Savings

Integration automates tasks previously requiring manual data entry or transfer between systems. This eliminates repetitive work, frees up employee time, and minimizes errors caused by human intervention.

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Enhanced Data Integrity

Integrated systems ensure consistent data across platforms with built-in validation checks to prevent errors and deliver accurate, timely pass information.

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Integration with other systems and applications allows businesses to easily scale their mobile marketing efforts as their customer base grows.

Featured Integrations

A few of the most popular integrations

PassKit API Logo

API Integration

This gives you the most flexibility to create and manage passes for Apple and Google Wallet. You'll write code using the PassKit API and SDKs.

Webhooks Logo

Wallet webhooks

Receive real time updates from PassKit when a Pass is created, updated, removed or deleted.

Zapier Logo


Zapier lets you connect PassKit instantly with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work — no code required.

Make Logo


Make is a drag and drop process automation platform allowing you to connect thousands of apps to your PassKit account - no code required.

Mailchimp Integration Image


Use the Mailchimp Integration to automatically synchronise data between your Mailchimp and PassKit account - no code required.

Square POS Integration


Allow your customers to scan their digital loyalty card or coupon when they checkout at your Square POS.

Design a World Class Mobile Wallet Integration

The Best Practice Approach to Integration

Planning and Strategy

  • What are the goals of the system integration? (e.g. improve data flow, automate tasks, enhance user experience)
  • What systems do I need to integrate? (e.g. CRM, POS, marketing automation platform)
  • What data needs to be shared between the systems? (e.g. customer information, loyalty points, order details)

Technical Considerations

  • What API methods or no-code automations are available for the systems I want to integrate?
  • What are the security protocols in place to protect data during integration?
  • Do I need any custom development work to achieve the desired functionality?

Implementation and Maintenance

  • What resources are needed to implement and maintain the system integration?
  • What is the testing process for ensuring a smooth integration?
  • How will I monitor and troubleshoot any issues that may arise after integration?

Additional Considerations

  • What are the long-term benefits of this system integration for my business?
  • Are there any potential risks or challenges associated with the integration?
  • What is the budget for the system integration project?
Zapier Integration Flow

Connect PassKit With Your Existing Systems

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PassKit integrates with your existing tools and systems, making it easy to manage and automate your digital loyalty rewards program.

  Software Developer Kits - Our SDKs take away all the complexity so you can focus entirely on implementing your bespoke business logic. Connections, gRPC marshalling, code auto-completion and documentation are all built into our SDKs. All that you need to do is import our libraries as you would any other for your chosen language.

  Web Hooks - PassKit webhooks instantly deliver data to other applications, as soon as the event happens in PassKit. This is extremely powerful, and very different from typical APIs where you would need to poll data frequently to get a similar outcome. Simple subscribe to webhooks and consume real-time event data from PassKit.

  Automation Tools - PassKit is available on Zapier and Make, allowing you to design and manage automations without the need for a developer. Connect your PassKit account and create your integration with apps like Shopify, WooCommerce, Square, Stripe, PayPal, and thousands more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reduced Manual Work: Integration automates tasks previously requiring manual data entry or transfer between systems. This eliminates repetitive work, frees up employee time, and minimizes errors.

Streamlined Workflows: Integrated systems allow for flow of information across departments. For example, an order placed online can automatically trigger a pass update (e.g. points).

Enhanced Visibility: Having all your data consolidated in a central location provides a holistic view of your operations and customers.

Improved Collaboration: Integration fosters better collaboration between teams and departments.


The PassKit API, and no-code automations, allow your systems to send and receive information to and from PassKit.

This means you can easily create and update your member's digitak membership cards with information from your member management software. Additionally, your member management software can receive information back from PassKit; like the pass URL,the install location and whether they are using Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. This can allow you to further refine your marketing campaigns.

It's your choice

You can either use PassKit's expiry date settings. i.e. Does not expire, Expires on a fixed date, or Expires a fixed period after pass issue.

Or you can choose 'Expiry date provided on issue'. By choosing this option, and through your integration, you can send the exact expiry date to PassKit for each individual pass.

Use third-party integration platforms: These platforms allow you to connect different apps without needing to code. PassKit is available on the following platforms

  • Zapier: This platform lets you create automated workflows (Zaps). For instance, a new membership card in PassKit could trigger adding a new customer record in your CRM software or vice versa.
  • Make: Similar to Zapier, Make allows you to build workflows connecting PassKit with various apps.

There are also a number of native integrations in the PassKit Portal. To access them simply visit the Settings View in your PassKit Project and click on Integrations in the left hand menu.

Yes, PassKit offers a variety of resources to support developers integrating their applications with PassKit:

  • API Documentation: PassKit provides comprehensive API documentation that details functions, request formats, and response structures. This allows developers to understand how to interact with PassKit's system to create and manage passes within their applications.
  • SDKs: PassKit offers SDKs (Software Development Kits) that simplify the integration process. These SDKs provide pre-written code snippets for common PassKit functionalities, reducing development time and effort.
  • Quickstarts: PassKit offers pre-built quickstarts for core functionalities like issuing passes and updating content. These quickstarts can be a great starting point for developers, especially for basic integrations.
  • Sample Code: PassKit includes sample code examples within their API documentation to illustrate how to use specific functions. This allows developers to see practical code implementations for various PassKit features.

If you have specific questions about your integrating PassKit with your application you can contact us at