The Retail O2O Solution

Deliver an engaging retail mobile experience that consumers love.

The Reality of Retail O2O

Loyalty is king. And you know it's not good enough for a consumer to simply love a brand or product online anymore. A 'like' is useless in the real world. Which is why we've designed several O2O solutions that help you easily and affordably convert online intent into offline attraction, interaction and transaction.

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The Reality of Retail O2O
  • 43% of retailers are already connecting with consumers through mobile.

Retail Challenges & Implications

Decreased Foot Traffic

Decreased Foot Traffic

People are power. But it's not just about getting more through the door. You want to drive engagement and action in a physical location, from the right people at the right time – most likely in off-peak hours.


Mobile Is Expected

Who hasn't got one? Some of your customers have two. What used to be the second screen is now THE screen. And time spent with mobile devices (127mins / day) is now close to that of TV (168-mins / day). And yet you're probably not spending anywhere near as much marketing effort there.

Understanding Consumers' Behavior and Preference

Understanding Consumers Behavior + Preference

What do women want? What do men crave? What does 21 year old, 6ft3 Jimmy Cowen from Park View in San Francisco desire? You want answers and require detailed analytics in order to get them; to know your customers and really offer something they'll love.

Discounting Wars Can't be Won

Discounting Wars Can't Be Won

Everyone loses when it comes to discounting. It hurts your bottom line and your brand image. Plus it doesn't always attract customers who appreciate the experience you deliver.

Security Retail


Customer data is sacred. Not only is it essential that you keep it safe to build trust, but also collect and analyze it to help build a better experience. You want to ensure both.

Physical Marketing

Physical Marketing

When was the last time a coupon or member card jumped out of your wallet, reminding you to use it? It's not only costly and wasteful, but physical marketing material is very difficult to track. An assistant might ask at the POS, but you want to provoke a purchase when someone's walking by your store or even sitting at home.

Example Retail Executions

Perpetual Coupon

Distribute mobile wallet content

Share pass on social and via QR Code in-store

Update mobile wallet content

WEEK 1: Send notification and update mobile wallet content with discount details

Send mobile wallet offers

WEEK 2: Send notification and update mobile wallet content with free sample details

Send mobile wallet event invite

WEEK 3: Send notification and update mobile wallet content with event invite

Loyalty program VIP

WEEK 4: Send notification and update mobile wallet content with link to become a VIP member

Membership Card

Distribute mobile wallet content

Share pass on social and via QR Code in-store

Mobile wallet push update

Push a notification just before lunch as reminder to visit

Send push updates with beacons

Activates lock-screen message with an offer, via beacon when close-by store

Redeem mobile wallet content at POS

Scan mobile wallet content to redeem offer at POS

Update mobile wallet content with points balance

Update mobile wallet content automatically with new point balance, each time it's scanned

Loyalty Card

Share mobile wallet content

Share pass on social and via QR Code in-store

Scan mobile wallet content

Customer scans mobile wallet content at POS

Add digital stamps

Mobile wallet content adds one digital stamp

Mobile wallet rewards

Mobile wallet content automatically changes to an offer when stamp threshold is reached

Redeem reward at checkout

Customer redeems offer at checkout POS

Perpetual loyalty cards

Mobile wallet content returns to stamp-less card again

Retail O2O Benefits

Increase foot traffic

Provoke even more action in a physical location, especially in off-peak hours with a targeted coupon campaign.

Easy to use

You'll love how simple our O2O solutions are. The online Pass Designer is particularly easy to use and creating a campaign can be done in seconds.

Increased Brand Recognition, Loyalty and Revenue

It does exactly what it says on the box. You'll see increased loyalty, traffic, preference and an ROI that's proven stronger than paper campaigns

A new marketing channel

Send lock-screen notifications directly to a consumer's phone rather than by SMS, Social, Email or any other channel for that matter.

More secure than a physical wallet

Your physical wallet - full of unused coupons - can be lost or stolen. And while your phone can be taken, mobile wallet content can't be accessed without your passcode or fingerprint. It's also automatically backed up in the cloud.

Analytical data

Get locations, dates times, and other behavior data from an O2O campaign and then tweak your offering in real-time.

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