Rethink Travel Retail

From Frequent Traveler to Frequent Buyer

With travel retail sales estimated to grow to $85 billion in 2020, travel retailers are looking to capture the market share throughout the customer journey by finding new ways to connect with them at any time, and through any channel.

It's no longer just about transactions

Marketing Messages

Life is Noisy

Consumers are bombarded by marketing messages every day, making it more challenging for brands to stand above the noise and capture the attention of consumers in the airport shopping environment.

Customers Demand Personalization

Customers Demand Personalization

Marketing messages are distributed at scale and are not personalized to reflect the behaviors and preferences of individal customers.

Mobile is Expected

Mobile is Expected

The modern traveller is never without a smartphone. What used to be the second screen is now THE screen. Yet travel retailers aren't using this channel to engage with customers.

Contextual Relevance is Key

Contextual Relevance is Key

While promotions and offers are sent to customers throughout their customer journey, it may not be the right place and time to take action.

It's about engagement at every touchpoint of the customer's life, beyond the airport terminal

Deploy Beacons

Use the latest proximity technologies to deliver content & experiences when it matters the most.

Activate the Wallet Channel

Replicate the experiences from eCommerce to the offline world - and more.

Optimize Results

Continue the conversations with real-time insight on customers and optimize your campaigns

The Results

We take the guesswork out of how to drive revenue and deliver engaging, world-class customer experiences.

  Right Place, Right Time

Stay top of mind at every stage of your customer's journey with location and time-based reminders.

  Increase Spend

Convert browsers into buyers and increase the time spent shopping and engaging with your brand.

  Grow Customer Base

Expand customer target groups to include non-travellers and diversify distribution channels.

  Enhance Engagement

Increase customer engagement and drive loyalty through adapting offers & content to reflect individual customer profiles.

  Personalized Conversations

Create personalized 1-to-1 conversations and experiences with customers based on language, culture, preferences, and behavior.

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