11 Things that Loyal Customers and Cats Have in Common

Wendy Chan

Wendy Chan

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1. Cats, just like loyal customers, need the right amount of affection.

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2. If you haven’t seen them in a few days, don’t fret, they’ll come back to you.


3. They don’t like having their every move tracked.

sneaky cat

4. Cats, like loyal customers, love shiny new toys.


5. Sometimes they just want affection and some TLC.


6. You can entice them with something delicious (literally and figuratively speaking).


7. Neither like spam (yes, both online spam and actual spam).


8. They believe they deserve the best of everything, and nothing less.

grumpy cat 1

9. If you’re not giving them what they want, they’ll go elsewhere to find it.

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10. Once you have one, you’ll want another. But instead of being the crazy cat lady with 1000 cats, you’ll be the most popular store in your area with a large loyal customer base.

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11. When they’re happy, you’re happy.

cat smiling iStock 000019087369XSmall

What should you take away from this?

Cats are just like loyal customers. Treat them with the same amount of respect, show them you care, and you’ll reap the rewards in the long-term.
With tools such as Loopy Loyalty, you’ll be able to keep your customers happy & grow your loyal customer base.

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