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Create and distribute event tickets to Apple and Google Wallet

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Take control of your event's success with PassKit. Our intuitive online ticketing platform empowers event organizers to design and distribute custom event tickets in minutes. Boost ticket sales, streamline event registration, and gather valuable attendee data, all without technical expertise

Create Your Own Digital Ticket in Minutes

Create Your Own Digital Ticket in Minutes

With PassKit, you can quickly and easily create personalized digital tickets for any type of event, whether it's free or paid, in-person or virtual. Add your event details, customize the design to match your branding, set ticket prices and tiers, and start selling tickets online in minutes. No technical skills are required, and our easy-to-use platform provides all the tools you need to manage ticket sales, track attendance, and engage with your attendees.

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Location-Based Messaging for Events

Event creators and organizers can connect with attendees at every stage of the event lifecycle. Send pre-event reminders to build excitement, welcome them as they arrive at the venue, guide them to their seats or points of interest, and even offer special discounts at nearby vendors. After the event, gather valuable feedback through post-event surveys, ensuring continuous improvement for future events.

Efficient, Secure, Digital: The New Standard in Event Tickets

Create Custom Tickets

Offer a variety of ticket types such as general admission, VIP, and early bird specials. Customize event tickets to fit the specific needs of your event, making it easy for attendees to find the perfect option.

Offer Discounts and Promo Codes

Attract more attendees by providing promo codes and special discounts. This feature helps to increase ticket sales and event attendance while rewarding your audience with great deals.

Increased interactivity

Integrate mobile tickets with event apps and social media to allow attendees to easily connect, share their event experiences, and spread the word.

Why Choose Digital Event Tickets?

Digital event tickets offer unparalleled convenience, allowing ticket buyers to purchase tickets anytime, anywhere, increasing event attendance and ticket sales. They enhance security with features like QR codes and ticket validation, preventing fraud and ensuring only genuine attendees gain entry. Event organizers benefit from cost savings, eliminating printing and distribution expenses. Real-time updates keep attendees informed of any changes instantly. Detailed sales and attendee data provide insights to tailor future events and improve marketing strategies.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Digital Event Tickets

Convenience and Accessibility Icon

Convenience and Accessibility

Digital event tickets can be purchased from anywhere, at any time, offering unmatched convenience for ticket buyers. Online ticket sales platforms provide a seamless experience, allowing attendees to secure their tickets using their mobile devices. This ease of access not only increases event attendance but also simplifies the ticket purchasing process for users worldwide.

Security and Fraud Prevention Icon

Security and Fraud Prevention

Digital tickets reduce the risk of loss or theft. Features like QR codes and ticket validation ensure that only legitimate ticket holders gain entry, significantly minimizing the chance of fraud. This enhanced security builds trust among attendees and ensures a smooth check-in process.

Cost-Effective and Efficient Management Icon

Cost-effective and Efficient Management

By eliminating the need for physical tickets, event organizers save on printing and distribution costs. Digital ticketing systems streamline the registration and event management process, enabling organizers to handle even complex events with ease. This efficiency translates to better resource allocation and more successful events.

Detailed Data and Analytics Insights Icon

Detailed Data Insights and Analytics

PassKit offers detailed sales data and attendee data, enabling event organizers to analyze trends and understand their target audience. With PassKit's analytics, organizers can tailor events to attendee preferences, optimize marketing strategies, and improve event success by tracking ticket sales and monitoring event attendance effectively.

Global Reach Icon

Global Reach and Scalability

With the ability to sell tickets online, events can reach a global audience, increasing potential ticket sales and event exposure. Digital ticketing systems are scalable, accommodating events of any size, from small local gatherings to large international conferences. This flexibility ensures that organizers can efficiently manage and promote their events, regardless of scale.

Real-time Updates Icon

Real-Time Updates and Communication

Digital tickets with Passkit, allow event organizers to send real-time updates and notifications to attendees mobile phones. Whether it's a change in the event schedule or important announcements, staying connected with the audience is simple and effective. This capability ensures that attendees are always informed and engaged.

Passkit Dashboard Showing Charts and Event Data

Detailed Data Insights and Analytics

With PassKit's integration for Google Wallet and Apple Wallet, track event ticket sales and monitor attendee data in real-time. Analyze ticketing fees and event attendance patterns to enhance future events. Our online ticketing platform provides detailed insights to optimize marketing strategies. Manage ticket validation efficiently and create custom event tickets while accessing comprehensive analytics. Empowered with data, tailor events to your target audience, ensuring a successful event every time.

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Digital Event Ticketing For All Your Events

Digital tickets are ideal for various events, including concerts, conferences, sporting events, theater performances, trade shows, virtual events and many more.

Concerts and Music Festivals

Concerts and Music Festivals

Use digital tickets for entry at concerts, music festivals, and multi-artist shows. Ensures swift access, reduces fraud, and efficiently manages audiences.

Theater and Performing Arts

Theater and Performing Arts

Provide personalized seating, digital playbills, and secure entry for theater productions, ballets, and operas. Offers a contemporary, eco-friendly ticketing method.

Sporting Events

Sporting Events

Utilize digital tickets for entry at football games, basketball matches, and track meets. Improves security and reduces entry delays.

Museum and Exhibitions

Museum and Exhibitions

Offer digital multi-day passes and detailed schedules for art exhibitions, science fairs, and historical events. Provides flexible entry and current information.

Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and Seminars

Manage registrations and session access for business conferences, academic seminars, and expos. Collects attendee data and provides customized access.

Community and Charity Events

Community and Charity Events

Handle ticketing and donations for fundraisers, local festivals, and charity galas. Simplifies attendee management and enables real-time communication.

Boost Customer Loyalty and Engagement

Loyalty Tools Integrated With Event Tickets

Engage your attendees with interactive features and loyalty programs directly through their mobile wallets. PassKit's platform supports digital coupons, membership cards, and loyalty cards, improving customer engagement and retention.

  • Digital Coupons: Offer special discounts and promotions to your attendees, helping to sell more tickets and increase attendance.
  • Membership Cards: Manage memberships and rewards programs seamlessly.
  • Loyalty Programs: Offer free drinks or VIP access to loyal customers.
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Connect Passkit and Zapier For Automation Of Event Tickets

Connect PassKit with Your Existing Systems

PassKit supports integration with various third-party apps, making it easy to connect your existing tools and automate your event management processes.

  API - PassKit's API allows you to link your current systems, such as CRM platforms, marketing tools, event page and custom applications.

  Web Hooks - Set up webhooks to get instant notifications for critical event data. This feature helps validate tickets and keeps your registration system up-to-date with the latest information, which is essential for managing large or complex events.

  Automation Tools - PassKit integrates with Zapier and Make, connecting to thousands of apps like email marketing services and project management tools for automation of event tasks.

Your Events, Worldwide Reach

PassKit helps event organizers expand their reach and connect with audiences worldwide. Sell tickets online to potential attendees in different countries and regions. With customizable event pages and support for various currencies, you can create a welcoming and accessible experience for everyone, no matter where they are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A venue digital ticket is an electronic version of a traditional ticket. Attendees access the event using their mobile devices on either android or apple phone, allowing easy entry and reducing paper waste. Event organizers can create tickets and distribute them easily using our ticketing system, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for both organizers and attendees. Additionally, digital tickets can include dynamic information like event updates and location details providing timely and relevant information.

Digital tickets are validated using QR codes or barcodes that are scanned upon entry. When attendees arrive, they present their digital ticket on their mobile device. The QR code or barcode is then scanned by the event staff using a scanning device or app. This process confirms the authenticity of each ticket, ensuring that only valid ticket holders are allowed access to the event. The scanning process is quick and efficient, helping to manage attendance effectively and providing real-time updates on who has entered the event.

PassKit integrates easily with various popular platforms and tools such as Zapier and other automation software. This multi-channel integration allows you to manage your ticketing process efficiently across different systems. Our platform connects with your event website, enabling you to sell tickets online directly from your site. The integration automates repetitive tasks, tracks ticket sales, validates tickets, and improves communication with attendees.

By connecting with your organizers' website and other platforms, PassKit ensures a cohesive and efficient event management experience, allowing you to focus on creating a successful event.

A virtual ticket grants access to online events such as webinars, virtual conferences, or live-streamed performances. Attendees receive their virtual tickets electronically and use them to join the event from their mobile devices or computers. Virtual tickets are convenient for both organizers and attendees, allowing broader audience reach and easy distribution. Organizers can use virtual tickets to track attendance, engage with participants and provide post-event content like recordings or additional materials.