6 interesting facts about Chatbots

Lukas O'Neill

Lukas O'Neill

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A ChatBot is an interactive program that talks to you and answers requests just like a real person. It uses Machine Learning through Artificial Intelligence to pick up on conversational cadences, allowing it to mimic human conversations and react to spoken or written prompts to deliver a service.
The ChatBot is a user interface which can be plugged into a number of data sources so it can deliver informations or services on demand; such as weather forecasts, breaking news or booking a hotel room.
Let’s see some Chatbots stats that are worth to know about:

1.4 billion people use messaging apps

According to Business Insider, more people use the top four messaging apps than the top four social network apps, with more than 1.4 billion messaging apps users. That makes a lot of potential users for Chatbots.
Social Media and Messaging Apps Stats

ChatBots are very popular in China

The average conversation length is 23 conversations per session in China, while the average conversation per session for pretty much every other place in the world is from 1.5 to 2.5.
China Chatbots average conversation Passkit

“Hi” is the motto

What is a great way to start a conversation? Just say “Hi…”
According to VentureBeat, 65.7 percent of bots received the message “hi,” and 72 percent received a case-insensitive variation of the same word.

Users want to have SMS conversations with businesses

According to OpenMarket, 63% of financial services, 67% of retail and 57% of travel & hospitality mobile users say SMS conversations would be very useful.


4 minutes

Is the time saved by a user when having a conversation with a ChatBot instead of calling a traditional call centre. oye bayla me

Businesses want Chatbots

80% of businesses want to integrate ChatBots by 2020.

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