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Quickly discover all you can do with Passbook and PassKit, using our easy access, all inclusive Pass Kit Support Centre; directly from our home page.
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For your convenience, you can quickly access PassKit’s expertise using whatever medium you feel most comfortable with.  Not only will this help you design and distribute Passbook Passes quicker, you’ll find a wealth of information and ideas for how you can super charge your mobile marketing campaigns.

  • READ: You might like to check out the Frequently Asked Questions, and use the search tool to see if anyone else has the same idea or question as you.
  • COLLABORATE: You may want to join the PassKit community by sharing your experiences, help other PassKit users or pose questions to the support team via the discussion forums.
  • WATCH: You can quickly access our video tutorials; providing you some great tips for how to get the most out of the Pass Designer and API.
  • STUDY: If you want even greater level of details around Passbook Pass design, Apple constraints and requirements, and the details of our API methods check out our ever expanding wiki.
  • DIGEST: You can keep up to date with our product and service innovations, as well as customer spotlights and case studies through our news site.
  • CONTACT: And should you prefer to contact us directly then of course we are always here and delighted to hear from you at any time. Simply use the contact form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We hope you like our improved Passbook and PassKit support centre; with easy access to the most comprehensive library of Passbook and PassKit ideas and implementation guidance. Our vision is that this becomes your one stop shop support AND advisory centre. As our product continually improves, and as you continue to expand the use of Passbook, this support platform grows. We believe this will not only make it easier for you to integrate Passbook into your existing business processes but also provide innovative ideas to expand and enhance your marketing initiatives.
Just as we are passionate about continually improving our core products and services, we are committed to enhancing our home page, and support centre, so it is as helpful, user friendly and engaging as possible.  If you have any suggestions please leave comments below or use any of our other support channels.

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