An Introduction to PassKit

Lukas O'Neill

Lukas O'Neill

Letting the world know about PassKit's incredible product.
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Customers expect a frictionless, seamless, engaging experience and yet only 10% of businesses today are delivering a connected online to offline experience.  We enable businesses to leverage the power of Apple Wallet and Google Pay, native applications in those operating systems.

94% of people today start their journey with a brand online before they visit a store and yet, despite the amazing growth of e-commerce, still 90% of transactions happen offline.  But how many businesses are delivering on that online to offline connection? Just 10%, and why is a connected experience so important? Experience is the new loyalty. Our research suggests that connecting online to offline is a trillion US dollar opportunity, not to mention the efficiency gained by the marketing attribution from online costs to offline purchases.  So, what is the answer?  More apps?

No, it is NOT more apps.  For a typical deployment of an app to 100 consumers, five would deploy the app and at best two will have that app after a month or so.  So, PassKit provides you with a better solution.  We leverage native applications built in today’s modern smartphones, Apple Wallet and Google Pay. Applications that have been designed to allow for transactions between your customers’ phones and the physical world.  We provide a single API, web tools and a secure, infinitely scalable infrastructure for your brand to connect to your customer to allow for that seamless, engaging experience between the online and offline.  

Let us take a look at the results of one of our clients.  Best Western International, a global hospitality chain, increased conversion from guest to loyal member by over 50%.  For those digitally connected that online to offline customer, an extra 30% increase in the average revenue spend without brand and a cost save of millions of dollars, just by getting rid of that crappy plastic membership card, and all that wasted postage used to go through.

We have clients in over 120 countries already, across multiple industry verticals and through the power of PassKit, we have connected 250 million devices.  That is 250 million people that have enjoyed a far better online to offline to online to offline connected experience. 

One of our core values is you can connect to your customers and deliver connected experiences within days.  This is not months, this is not years, this is not an ERP solution, you can just deliver these connected experiences tomorrow.  There is no capital expense.  We have made the investment in that infrastructure.  We provide you software as a service and once you have integrated PassKit into your business process, you set it and forget, we take care of all of the future compatibility, all of the future features that Apple and Google will release within that moment, and you are providing a foundation for the future. PassKit is your Trojan horse to a digital operating system.  You may be operating your online business with data and making real-time decisions, now imagine your business with real-time data between online and offline.  This leads to the future of your loyalty ecosystem. 

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