CherryPie Brings Mobile Engagement Automation To The Masses

Brandon Lane

Brandon Lane

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Important Note: CherryPie is no longer supported.

PassKit released the all new PassKit Platform in early 2020. This platform incorporates decades of experience designing, developing and implementing world class mobile wallet solutions for some of the biggest international brands. And at the same time, working with small businesses all over the world to help them access the cool capabilities of Apple Wallet and Google Pay passes. We have combined these rich learnings, proven best practices and ever growing knowledge, to deliver you the very best mobile wallet management platform. A platform where you can extend your mobile reach by quickly integrating Apple Wallet and Google Pay Passes into your business. Into your processes. Into your systems. And most importantly into your customer experience.
PassKit now delivers dedicated modules to solve your specific business use cases. No longer do you need to waste time learning about ‘passes’ language. No longer do you need to study mobile wallet terminology. You now work with Mobile Wallet API’s designed around your business processes; your language. A language you are already familiar with. The latest platform currently covers:



As many of you may know by now, PassKit is currently putting the final touches on our newest addition to the mobile marketing world, CherryPie.
CherryPie is a simple yet powerful mobile marketing automation platform, meticulously designed and crafted for marketers and agencies. CherryPie enables businesses to propel customer engagement, drive physical world transactions/revenue, and stimulate sustainable loyalty by leveraging native mobile wallet applications and beacon technology.
With CherryPie, marketers can create automated engagement campaigns to acquire customers online that drive customer action offline – all without help from IT. This allows marketers and brands to engage with customers at every stage of the customer journey with beacon technology, location based alerts, and push messages when they matter the most.
And with the ability to receive online, real-time, real-world analytics, marketers are now equipped with actionable data and metrics to further optimize their mobile campaigns.
CherryPie-Why Now?

What can CherryPie do?

CherryPie is packed with features that make automating your marketing easier than ever. These features include an all new mobile wallet template designer, email & SMS marketing tools, a beacon management interface and even a landing page builder.
But it doesn’t stop there.
CherryPie makes your campaigns easier than ever to manage. Not because it has the ability to target certain audiences or provide real-time analytics about your campaigns performance. But because you can easily manage your clients through the client management panel and can even bring on teammates by using the custom user roles & permissions feature.

Check out the new webpage for more details

We’ve kept the details of CherryPie pretty quiet. But since we’re getting closer to full release, you can check out all of CherryPie’s features and capabilities by visiting our brand new CherryPie webpage. It’s guaranteed not to disappoint.

But why stop there?

Instead of just reading about what CherryPie has to offer, check it out for yourself by signing up to receive free beta access. This will give you a glimpse into the future. And if you provide insight into what features you would like to see in CherryPie, you can even help shape it.

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