Convert Your Paper Stamp Cards to Digital with CHOPpass

Art Lee

Art Lee

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Update – August 7, 2017: We’ve released a new digital stamp card solution that has replaced CHOPpass.
As PassKit continues to grow its team, innovation continues to reach new levels. Introducing PassKit’s new “out of the box” solution, the CHOPpass. This takes Apple’s Passbook technology beyond every merchant’s expectations.

What is the CHOPpass?

Traditional Stamp Card
Traditional Stamp Card

For businesses that have a need for use of a typical paper stamp card as a marketing mechanism to inspire loyalty and drive customer visits, the CHOPpass enhances the user experience for this type of marketing through smart phones. The CHOPpsss is “smart stamping for smart phones”.
For businesses who may not be tech savvy, it may seem overwhelming to go digital but PassKit’s CHOPpass makes it extremely easy to get started. Having a digital stamp card does not mean you have to get rid of your paper stamps cards, well not just yet, but the added value of going mobile pales in comparison with paper stamp cards and will soon become the de facto method for businesses.
Click to experience how CHOPpass convenience can be delivered to your customer.
LIMITED TIME OFFER: Until Sept 8, 2013, you can get your CHOPpass for FREE!

5 Noteworthy Reasons to Go Digital with Stamp Cards

Digital CHOPpass
Digital CHOPpass

1.    Quick Distribution
The main problem with traditional paper stamp cards is the process of ordering and distributing them to the customer.  From print to customer, it can take days even weeks depending on the printer.  With Passbook, the digital CHOPpass process can be setup within minutes.  Any company can use PassKit to create passes and send it to their customers quickly.
Convenient distribution methods include a QR code or a hyperlink in which a customer quickly add it to their phone and not have to carry yet another piece of paper in their wallet.
2.    Tracking ROI
The disadvantage with traditional paper stamp cards is that there is no ability to easily track how many cards have been distributed and how many are being used regularly.
With a CHOPpass, there is the ability to track every pass that is sent out and to see how and when a pass is used. If a customer has not used their pass in a while, a reminder can be sent to the customer’s phone to drive them to your business location.
3.    Reduce Fraud
Select from 8, 10, 12 Chops
Select from 8, 10, 12 Chops

Businesses who use paper stamp cards order many different types of stamps or hole punchers in order to keep their consumers from counterfeiting them for free or discounted goods. This problem is solved with the CHOPpass.  Not only is there no need to buy stamps or hole punchers since they are all digital but users will have no way to add extra stamps to their cards to receive free or discounted goods.
4.    Stimulate Traffic
The CHOPpass, powered by, allows a number of different ways to be responsive to customers who have not used them regularly.  If a customer who has added a CHOPpass to a specific company walks by one of the business locations, they could receive a notification on their phone reminding them to use their pass. Also a push notification could be sent to the customer’s phone at anytime to remind them to use their CHOPpass.
5.    Never Forget
PassKit CHOPpass with 4 Stamps
PassKit CHOPpass with 4 Stamps

The major advantage of the CHOPpass over a paper stamp card is that the consumer is most likely to always have their phone where having their wallet doesn’t mean they will always carry their stamp card.
If they forget their card, the customer will not have to start a new card and consolidate stamps later on.  This will increase efficiency of a business and save resources and overhead.
To give the CHOPpass a try, click to experience how convenience can be delivered to your customer.
LIMITED TIME OFFER: Until Sept 8, 2013, you can get your CHOPpass for FREE!
Click for more information on the CHOPpass and limited time offer.

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