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Watch this simple to follow video to get all the secrets to designing your very own digital, contactless coupons. Just as Burger King and other big brands are doing today.

No matter your business size – you can do this today

Plus – with the latest PassKit platform you don’t need any coding / developer skills.
Simply follow these instructions and you’ll have gorgeous looking digital coupons your customers conveniently store in their Apple Wallet and Google Pay applications.

  1. The Illustrator Template
  2. Apple Wallet Lockscreen Logo
  3. Apple Wallet Logo
  4. Apple Wallet Stripe (Hero) Image
  5. Google Pay Logo
  6. Google Pay Hero Image
  7. Export Artboards for screens
  8. Log into PassKit
  9. Using the Coupons Wizard
  10. Previewing your initial design
  11. Optimising the design
  12. Set up the Apple lockscreen mesaages
  13. Using Chrome to preview your Google Pay passes
  14. Adding links to Google Pay passes
  15. Adding a link to an app on Apple Pay passes
  16. Adding other links on Apple Pay Passes
  17. Designing the Redeemed state
  18. Adjusting the redemption settings
  19. Adding the redemption link to the pass
  20. Testing the experience on desktop
  21. Testing the experience on phone
  22. Last minute adjustments
  23. Testing again before going live

And there’s more! When they come to visit you, they’ll be able to use your coupons without any contact.


But you’ll still have real time analytics and be able to instantly optimise your marketing return.

Please watch this video and give it a go today. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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