How Digital Membership Cards Improve Customer Engagement

Lukas O'Neill

Lukas O'Neill

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Digital membership cards drive stronger connections with the most valuable members. Traditionally, these membership programs involved physical membership cards printed and distributed to individuals who signed up for a list. However, with the rise of technology, more organizations have opted for digital membership cards that offer significant improvements.

Understanding the Benefits of Digital Membership Cards

Modern membership programs implement digital membership cards that members can access from their mobile devices. With digital membership cards, organizations may maintain undisrupted connections with members without depending on a supply chain.  

Lowers Costs

Digital cards can help eliminate the costly overheads for material, printing, and distribution while boosting membership engagement with the added convenience. 

Attracts Modern Demographics

According to Forbes, 77% of people aim to live more sustainably. Similarly, two-thirds of North Americans prefer eco-friendly brands. These lifestyle preferences and public sentiments probably apply to the members of membership organizations.

Digital membership cards serve as eco-friendly solutions — spreading a powerful message by reducing pollution, waste, and carbon footprint. With the digital transition, an organization’s membership may rise among modern communities. 

Offers Unmatched Convenience

The modern digital world enables members to access valuable information from anywhere via a single communication hub. Digital membership cards follow the trend, with seamless integration on personal devices such as tablets and mobile phones. These convenient solutions also mean that members will never worry about losing their cards while on the move. 

Serves as an Effective Outreach Channel

An average adult spends more than two hours on their mobile phone. Digital membership cards on mobile help organizations connect better with members. 

Previous membership outreach methods such as emails and printed letters usually end up dismissed or discarded before reaching target recipients. Alternatively, digital membership cards draw instant attention with timely pop-ups that raise overall communication efficiency. 

Helps Organizations Understand More About Members

Digital membership cards function with intuitive APIs that gather data such as user participation and activities. The data-backed process drives highly personalized outreach initiatives that will keep members engaged in the long term.  

Boost Membership Engagement with PassKit

PassKit’s advanced membership solutions allow users to customize and create digital membership cards according to specific member interests and preferences. Additionally, the digital cards live in popular mobile wallets (i.e., Google Pay and Apple Pay) that most members already use daily, preventing the need for user onboarding. 

By applying PassKit in outreach strategies, organizations can create effective membership programs without experimenting with costly and complex APIs. PassKit’s Membership Manager provides a guided approach to setting up and refining the layout of digital membership cards that produce professional results. 

Additionally, PassKit offers a Developer Kit that enables decision-makers to integrate mobile wallet passes with their organization’s official applications and websites without fuss. We created a kit that enables easy sampling of API codes while scaling and building membership programs for optimized mobile experiences. Here are some pass samples for a glimpse of the endless possibilities with PassKit. 

Get in touch the PassKit team to learn how we can boost your membership programs, or sign up for a demo today!

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