Experience iBeacon technology with the GemTot SDK App

Brandon Lane

Brandon Lane

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PassKit’s new app, GemTot SDK, allows anyone with a beacon to experience multiple demos, configure beacons, as well as configure their iPhone to broadcast iBeacon. It is available on iOS. Let me give you a short tutorial on everything it can do.

Ranging Demo

The ranging demo is designed to mimic the in store experience that a beacon can provide. Once a beacon is plugged in, the app allows you to select that beacon and begin demoing an in store experience based on your distance from the beacon. Let me show you how it looks.
First select ranging demo and then select the beacon that you have plugged in.
You will now see an offer depending on how close you are to the beacon. Back away from the beacon until you see the entice offer. This offer represents what a customer will see when they are approaching the store. The entice offer should bring them into the store or direct them towards a certain section.
Once in the store or a certain section, the customer will be closer to the beacon, usually within a few meters. Now, you should move closer to the beacon until you see the inform offer. This would allow businesses to inform their customers about a certain product or service based on their distance from the product. This allows for offers and coupons to be contextually aware of each customer and offer discounts that are meaningful to them, based on their shopping habits.
Once the customer gets near the register, the app will pull up a transact screen. The customer must be very close to the beacon to bring up this screen and this will help them complete their final transaction. It could allow them to pay from their phone or help them bring up their mobile coupon that they received earlier in the store. The transaction screen should close the sale. So if you move your phone close to the beacon, you will see the transact screen.
The final screen is for when the customer has left the range of the beacon. This is the opportunity for the businesses to encourage the customer to return to the store. In this case, the customer gets presented with a coupon for the next time they come back. This is an awesome way to keep them coming back as well as thank them for coming. Move out of range of your beacon to see the retarget screen.
The ranging demo allows you to experience how iBeacon can improve the customer’s experience as well as how you can trigger offers based on the customers movements.

Distance Demo

The distance demo is pretty simple. It allows you to measure the distance between your phone and the beacon. Simply select the beacon, move around the room and watch the distance between the PassKit logo and the beacon change. It also says your distance in meters.

Lock screen Demo

The lockscreen demo shows how lock screen messages can be delivered to engage customers and lead to a transaction, and repeat business.
First select the lockscreen demo. Turn on the beacon for a moment and then turn it off again. Select GemTot USB. You will then see this screen. Make sure both are toggled. Then press the home button to put the app in the background.
Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 2.15.53 PM
Lock your phone. Wait a few moments and you will then see this lock screen message.
Slide the notification over and you will be presented with an offer than you can insert into your mobile wallet. Experiencing exactly what a customer would if a business had beacons integrated.

Configuring Beacons

The GemTot SDK also lets you configure your beacons. Simply plug it in and select the beacon you would like to configure. Once paired, you can change the uuid, major, and the minor.

Configure your iPhone to broadcast iBeacon

Lastly, you can turn your iPhone into a beacon that broadcasts iBeacon. All you have to do is toggle the broadcast signal switch and your phone will begin broadcasting. At the bottom of the screen you can find your uuid, major, and minor.
Download the GemTot SDK app and try the demos out for yourself. If you would like to buy a GemTot beacon you can do so here(We’re currently running a Christmas special that you’re not going to want to miss). Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.
We also have a video that gives a very in-depth step by step tutorial on how to use the app. Check it out below.


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