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PassKit Geo Locator Image
Some of our customers informed us that they are not able to get accurate location coordinates when using Google Maps; so even though they attach location(s) to their Passes, using the The PassKit Portal, the location based lock screen message doesn’t show up close enough to their shop or outlet.
While Google Maps provide a very convenient way of finding your latitude and longitude they do not guarantee 100% accuracy for all locations. So we’ve just released a mobile location finder – the PassKit Geo Finder.
Simply take your smartphone to the exact location(s) that you want to attach to the Passbook Pass (eg the front of your shop or restaurant), open your browser and visit
The precise latitude and longitude of the place you are standing will then be displayed.  Enter these coordinates into the The PassKit Portal (under the locations tab). Remember to enable the location(s) and add a notification message; as your customers walk close to this location the message will appear on their lock screen, assuming of course they have your Pass in their Passbook.
You can also go back to Google Maps to see how different the coordinates are.  In some cases you might find very similar if not exactly the same [between Google Maps and the PassKit Geo Locator], and in others you might find quite a difference.  We would love to hear what you find – please comment below.

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