FWD Hong Kong Launches Digital Insurance Policies Stored in Mobile Wallet

Wendy Chan

Wendy Chan

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We’re thrilled to announce that FWD Hong Kong is now live with its digital travel insurance policies. Anyone that purchases FWD’s TravelCare insurance will be able to instantly store & access their digital travel policy in mobile wallet (e.g. Apple Wallet).
Traditionally, when you purchase insurance, you receive an ‘insurance pack’ with your plastic insurance card, a paper booklet listing all of your benefits, coverage, contact information etc.
FWD Hong Kong has just eliminated and condensed all of that into a single, digital travel insurance policy that can be accessed in mobile wallet.

How it Works

1. Customers visit the FWD TravelCare website and select their travel dates.
FWD TravelCare Website
2. Customers select a plan they would like to purchase.
FWD TravelCare Select Plan
3. Customers fill in their personal details.
FWD TravelCare Signup
4. Customers enter their credit card details to pay.
FWD TravelCare Payment
5. After payment, customers are redirected to this page with a QR code and button that links to their mobile insurance pass. Note: This QR code has been replaced for privacy purposes.
FWD TravelCare Pass Page
6. Upon scan of the QR code or clicking the ‘Get Mobile Insurance Pass’ button, customers are redirected to this page to verify their identity.
FWD TravelCare Pass
For security purposes, if customers don’t input anything on this page after a few minutes, the page will automatically expire.
FWD TravelCare Expiry
7. Once customers verify their identity, they are redirected to this page to download their digital insurance policy.
FWD TravelCare Pass Download Page
8. Customers simply scan the QR code (e.g via Apple Wallet’s barcode scanner) to save the travel policy to Apple Wallet.
FWD Digital Insurance Policy in Apple Wallet
Customers no longer have to carry around plastic insurance cards, rummage through emails, or dig through physical booklets to find information. Everything that is needed – hotlines, schedule of benefits, insurance validity, links to claim forms – can all be accessed via the digital insurance policy. One swipe or tap away.

Get Started Today

We’re very happy to have partnered with FWD Hong Kong and take another step forward to deliver truly amazing and convenient experiences for customers. If you work for an insurance company and/or are looking to do something similar, we’d love to speak with you! Simply get in touch with us here.
Who would have thought insurance policies could be so sexy? If you’ve seen any other cool innovations please share them with us below!

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