How to Combine Email Marketing with Mobile Wallet

Matthew Angelini

Matthew Angelini

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Ever wondered how to best market your mobile wallet content? In case you have – you might find this blog helpful! Once you have finished designing your mobile content on LoopyLoyalty or The PassKit Portal, you need to consider the most efficient way to market this new content through the use of email.
Through the combination of email marketing and mobile wallet, you will be able to market your new content in a more direct and personal way than ever before.
When combining email marketing with the mobile wallet, it is critical that you make sure that your customers are aware of how using a mobile wallet relates to your business. Email enables you to provide a link with you and your customers, as well as acting as a portal where they can get immediate access to your mobile wallet content on their phone. You can market, explain and even demonstrate through email, the exact mobile wallet content that you are trying to promote.
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One of the main benefits of using email campaigns is that it allows you to target different segments of your audience who you think would be most interested in your offer. It is beneficial to also cater the message to each different offer so that you can increase the download rate of your offers. This is a good place to start marketing because it can give you a good sense of which messages are converting versus the ones that aren’t.
Some of the better ways to market through Email include:

  • Have a clear call to action such as ‘Click here to save this offer to your mobile wallet.’
  • Make sure the language is understandable to the customer. For example: a Pass might not directly ring a bell with the customer. Try to use language they will understand, like Digital Membership Card for example.
  • Share the benefits of why they should download this offer – subscribers need to be incentivised.
  • To help educate customers, add a link to a page that shows them instructions/steps on how to add content to their wallet (i.e. for iOS and Android users).
    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 16.57.34
  • Emphasis the environmental benefits: 

This is massive and will position your brand as a brand that cares about the environment. This could be as little as a link to a page on the customer website explaining the CSR reason (i.e how much paper, plastic and oil are saved by digital delivery of XX million cards).
On top of that, you can notify customers of a new sale, a new product arrival, or even give them a friendly reminder that their coupon is about to expire. Customers minds will be very reluctant to block these messages because it’s not just another marketing message and it instead provides the customer real value, making it a very effective mobile marketing tool. Furthermore, you can also allow your customers to download your mobile wallet content straight from their direct email sent to them!Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 16.51.41
Through the use of email, you are able to build a clear platform in raising the customers awareness that your business is in fact accessible on the mobile walle, whilst also teaching them what a mobile wallet actually is. By combining Email Marketing with the Mobile Wallet, your business will be able to efficiently allow your customers to download your content straight from their email to their phone at ease. This is much more efficient than marketing the mobile wallet through mail and flyers. Email marketing is the most time efficient link for you to communicate to your customer different happenings with your business.
If you are able to wisely use the combination email marketing and mobile wallet, then you will offer an extremely seamless and efficient mobile wallet experience for your customers. Whilst there are other ways to market mobile wallet, the combination of email marketing and mobile wallet, is extremely direct and something that provides the perfect starting point to promote new content.

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