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Any Apple developer that has started using and developing for the beautiful iOS7 (the beta version 1 was released on Day 1 of the Apple WorldWide Development Conference WWDC) may have seen that Passbook has introduced a scanner tool.  This is an excellent, much needed addition to Passbook; allowing an iPhone user to quickly grab a Pass (coupon, ticket, loyalty card, stored value card, boarding pass etc..) without having to hunt around and download a QR code (or any 2D barcode scanner); when the Pass issuer wants to distribute the Pass with a barcode.

Subway POS Pass Coupon distribution
One of the methods that Subway allowed their customers to get hold of a the Passbook coupon

Many of our clients, and partners, are already finding QR codes an incredibly efficient and effective way to distribute Passes; although the number one feedback from the end customer is “I don’t have a scanner app… which one do I get?”. So it’s great to see Apple responding to this feedback and integrated the scanner into Passbook (at least it will be when iOS7 is released to the public).
For Apple Developers wanting to try this out; all the PassKit Passes work with this Scan Tool. Simply design your Pass Template in the The PassKit Portal and then in the distribution channel scan the QR code using the Passbook Scan Tool and the Pass will be added to Passbook (this will work for Passes where there is no dynamic or user editable content).  We’ve also QR code in the PassKit Pass Recovery email.
If you are not sure where to find the Scan Tool it’s on the header of the standard Pass – that comes pre installed with Passbook in iOS7 Beta version 1.
And if you just want to give one a quick try – here’s the QR code for the Mystic8Ball Pass. It’s a free Passbook Pass that you can have hours of fun with! Enjoy
Please do let us know how you get on.

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