PassKit wants you to succeed in 2016. And we are giving away the amazing Loopy Loyalty mobile marketing solution for free.



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If you are a business owner or a marketer and you don’t have your brand in your customers’ smartphone then PassKit’s Loopy Loyalty is one of those must-have applications for 2016. And the best news is it won’t cost you a penny.

Depending on where your business is located, up to 75% of your customers have a smartphone and they carry their most beloved possession with them at all times. More importantly, over 90% of those customers want to store their loyalty cards in their phone.  They don’t want another useless plastic or paper loyalty card that they leave at home, lose or simply forget in their already over stuffed leather wallet. In fact, over 50% of customers say they will only sign up for a loyalty program if it’s simple and can be done then and there on the phone.

And that’s the problem Loopy Loyalty solves for you.

After signing up for a Loopy Loyalty account you’ll be able to design your very own stunning digital loyalty cards.  It literally takes 5 minutes to do.  You don’t need help from developers, you don’t need design skills, and you don’t need to change any of your existing processes.  You’ll feel like you are designing your own mini app, with no code needed whatsoever. It’s simply drag and drop.


You can use the pre-designed tent cards to advertise your new digital loyalty cards, email the digital loyalty card to your existing clients or advertise the digital loyalty card link on your social media pages. And hey presto, you now have your brand in your customers’ smartphone.

You might be asking if your customers have to download an app. The answer is no.  They simply store your loyalty card in their already installed mobile wallet application (e.g. Apple Wallet which is a standard app in every single iPhone).  And if you are in the UK or US your loyalty card, your brand, will sit right alongside your customers’ credit cards.  In the same app.


The days of the leather wallet are numbered, so make the jump today.  You really have no excuses, and if you do we want to hear from you; just reply in the comments below.

Stop wasting time and money printing out those boring ineffective static paper stamp cards (or as some call them punch cards) and put that much needed punch into your digital marketing for 2016.

Your customers will thank you for it. You’ll feel great as you receive comments from your customers; “This is really cool” or “I love it, it’s like magic”. More importantly your customers will tell their friends about it.  You’ll quickly get more customers visiting, and visiting more often and spending more. Businesses who have already seen the light are reporting >300% increase in repeat visits and similar increase in revenue.

And it doesn’t matter what type of business you have. Loopy Loyalty is already being used by retail shops, restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, donut stores, bowling alleys, car washes, pet stores, massage palors, laundry-mattes, dog walkers, fitness studios, dentists, ice-cream palors, cup-cake shops. The list goes on and you can check out more examples here:


Your customers will never again be without your loyalty card. What’s more they will be politely reminded with a branded lock screen message when they are close to your store. How many time does your current paper loyalty card jump out of your customers’ leather wallet when they walk past the store to remind them to come visit you?

When in your store, the customer simply shows you their phone and you ‘virtually stamp’ their digital loyalty card with the stamper app. This is also free and available in both the iTunes App Store and the Google Playstore:

So all you and your staff need is a smartphone with the stamper app installed.


That’s it. There is no catch. There’s no gimmick.

And just in case you think PassKit has gone loopy by giving Loopy Loyalty away for free, here’s what Paul Tomes, Co-Founder and CEO of PassKit, had to say:

We are giving Loopy Loyalty away because we really want, and have always wanted, as many businesses to profit from modern mobile wallet technology and to delight and engage their customers via the channel of preference. It really bugs me to see how many businesses are still wasting money printing and issuing these horrible paper stamp cards to their customers. I, for one, throw them straight in the bin. What a waste!

With so many different smartphones and operating systems I know how tough it is for a smaller business to keep up to date. So, invariably they don’t bother. This troubles me. In fact, it keeps me up at night worrying about the future of these small businesses. The amazing features in today’s smartphones should not only be available to the big companies with big technology budgets and an army of developers. We want to do our bit to help small businesses play catch up. And actually I’d love to see them leading the way.

So if you have been fretting about how you will engage and connect with your customers via their smartphones, Loopy Loyalty could be just the thing for you.

And because it’s free, you really have nothing to lose.

Find out more information at

Paul’s only request is to share this with as many business owners and marketers as possible

Let’s help all business owners start 2016 with the right strategy, the right attitude and the right tools. Let’s do our bit to rid the world of these environmentally unfriendly, and largely ineffective, paper and plastic loyalty cards. At the same time, let’s do more to surprise and delight our customers and lead the mobile engagement revolution.  All businesses, no matter what size or IT budget they have, should be making the most of the amazing smartphone capabilities available today.

You can’t deny that we live in the era of the smartphone now. And you must respond or die.

2016 is the year to grow your loyalty customer base and maintain a conversation with them over their beloved smartphone. We couldn’t think of a better place to start:

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