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Loopy Loyalty: How to Reward Your Customers With Digital Punch Cards



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The modern customer has become difficult to impress. They now expect to see a brand’s ongoing effort to gain their favor and trust. Consumers can easily switch companies if brands don’t rise to the challenge.

Businesses know how crucial it is to win over customers today, and most try numerous methods to retain their target audience. Research shows that over 90% of companies offer loyalty programs to achieve this goal.

You can use our two products, Loopy Loyalty and PassKit, to create your digital loyalty program without custom app building. They have some similarities but also different purposes. 

For instance, you can use Loopy Loyalty,  our digital customer loyalty platform, to provide digital punch cards to your customers without using any clunky scanning hardware. While you can design and launch digital stamp cards, your customers can use their cards after each transaction, collect stamps in their mobile wallets and win rewards.

On the other hand, if you want to create digital loyalty cards, membership cards, or coupons, you need to start using PassKit. Our digital loyalty platform integrates with Apple Wallet and Google Pay. We use these two wallets to create a connected customer experience

Just remember how often customers have forgotten to bring their paper or plastic loyalty cards. The thought of missing out on points and rewards frustrates them. You now have a chance to ensure they leave your restaurant, hotel, salon, or gym happy. 

Create a loyalty program with PassKit that customers can use on their smartphones. They won’t miss out on points as a mere scan of the digital loyalty cards will register every purchase. Start your 45-day free trial now!

In this article, we’ll tell you more about Loopy Loyalty, how it works, what integrations it provides, and compare it to PassKit. Continue reading to learn more.

What are digital punch cards?

Loopy Loyalty customer loyalty platform

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

Digital punch cards are a modern take on paper punch cards. They are available on customers’ smartphones, unlike the traditional version.

Businesses use digital punch cards to set up a system for rewarding customer loyalty. How does that work?

An employee stamps (or punches) a card after every qualifying purchase customers make. The customers must open an app to enable the employee to scan barcodes linked to their digital punch cards. They get a reward after collecting a specific number of virtual stamps.

You can decide what makes consumers eligible for rewards. For instance, you can determine how many purchases they must make.

It’s obvious why digital punch cards are a better solution than physical ones.

Think of it from your perspective. How many times have you misplaced or lost a paper punch card? All your effort was in vain, and you missed out on available rewards.

Thankfully, technology has advanced, making our lives easier. A single scan is all it takes to register your purchase and issue stamps. You need this simple process to increase customer loyalty nowadays. 

Digital punch cards and loyalty cards for businesses are popular among big players and smaller companies. Let’s find out their difference.

Digital loyalty cards vs. digital punch cards: What’s the difference?

Digital loyalty programs are a great way to nurture relationships with existing and new customers. It’s why we now have restaurant loyalty programs and many others.

As a small business, you can offer two solutions to consumers—digital loyalty cards or digital punch cards.

What’s the difference between the two?

Digital loyalty cards allow people to collect points for every purchase they make. The number of points depends on the price of the product they purchase. Those points give them access to numerous rewards, such as vouchers.

For instance, they can get a $5 coupon for every $50 they spend with your small business. Consumers can then use the coupon to buy any item in your store.

On the other hand, digital punch cards don’t work on a point basis. Your employees scan QR codes or barcodes to log customers’ purchases. Consumers receive single or multiple rewards after collecting enough stamps.

Both small business loyalty solutions bring considerable benefits to a customer. They enable them to receive gifts for their loyalty to your brand.

Research shows that more than 50% of American consumers will become members of a loyalty program when they frequently buy from a brand. That’s why solutions like digital punch cards are popular.

5 reasons to reward your customers with digital punch cards

Loopy Loyalty digital punch cards

Image source: Freepik

It’s a no-brainer—customers visit a business more often if they can get free stuff. The promise of a reward drives them to purchase products or services without feeling guilty.

Here are five reasons to award customers with digital punch cards:

  1. Consumer engagement increases – one thing that encourages customer loyalty is engagement. People frequently interact and engage with a brand when there’s something in it for them. Digital punch cards encourage a customer to build a relationship with your business.
  2. You show appreciation 50% of customers join a loyalty program to receive rewards. Therefore, offering digital punch cards is your brand’s way of showing appreciation to your consumers. Once they walk out of your store, they’ll know that another purchase can get them a discount or a product.
  3. You establish an emotional connection emotions have the most significant influence on customers. They turn to their feelings to decide whether to purchase something or not. Digital punch cards that reward them spark excitement in customers. They’ll use this feeling to justify their purchasing decision.
  4. Customers are rewarded for small efforts – creating a frictionless and seamless shopping process is a must. Consumers want to make a minimal effort while purchasing. Digital punch cards ensure they don’t have to go out of their way to get a reward.
  5. Your company stands out – businesses are competing for consumers. The winner is the company that offers the best products and values customer loyalty. What better way to stand out than with digital punch cards?

If you want to create digital stamp cards, one solution can help you—Loopy Loyalty.

What is Loopy Loyalty?

Loopy Loyalty customer loyalty solution

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

Loopy Loyalty is a digital stamp card platform suitable for businesses looking to engage consumers and drive loyalty.

The platform lets you create and manage digital punch cards for your consumer base. Customers can access their cards using mobile wallets they’re familiar with—Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

Loopy Loyalty allows a customer to collect punches after each transaction. Collecting enough punches gives them access to rewards you previously defined. As a result, they are more likely to return to your business.

This digital loyalty platform helps every business owner:

  • Retain existing customers and attract new people to the brand
  • Increase customer loyalty through rewards and a consumer-first attitude
  • Encourage people to shop more because every purchase gets them closer to the reward
  • Deliver location-based messages when a customer is near their store
  • Send push notifications and targeted messages to engage consumers
  • Export data to understand consumers better and optimize performance

Loopy Loyalty is beneficial because it allows you to create unlimited cards, handle unlimited transactions and provide unlimited rewards. You don’t need POS to issue stamps and rewards—the Loopy Loyalty Stamper App is enough.

Who uses Loopy Loyalty?

Loopy Loyalty is suitable for a variety of small businesses, including

  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • Hair salons
  • Massage parlors
  • Bars
  • Fitness centers
  • Nail salons

You can create digital stamp cards, remotely reward customers and attract them to your business.

For instance, if you own a food truck, you can leverage Loopy Loyalty to remind consumers about your business. You can send push messages or location-based messages. It’s how you tell them you’re here for them.

Another example is that of a hair salon. The business owner can rely on Loopy Loyalty to send hair care tips through the card. They can also surprise consumers with a free haircut after a specified number of visits.

Let’s see how the platform works precisely.

How does Loopy Loyalty work?

Loopy Loyalty dashboard

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

Are you thinking of creating digital punch cards with Loopy Loyalty? Here are the steps you must go through to use the app:

  1. Create a new digital punch card
  2. Design your digital punch card
  3. Specify the details of your digital punch cards
  4. Add location to your digital punch card
  5. Include terms and conditions in your digital stamp card
  6. Define the data you want to collect
  7. Save and preview your digital stamp cards
  8. Activate your digital stamp card
  9. Promote your digital punch cards everywhere
  10. Scan digital stamp cards with the Stamper App
  11. Send messages to your customers’ lock screens
  12. Analyze data and make improvements

We’ll go over each of them below. Create your account today to follow our instructions and understand why customers love Loopy Loyalty.

1. Create a new digital punch card

Loopy Loyalty punch card template

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

The first step is to make a new digital punch card. You can select a loyalty card template or create a design from scratch. Either way, you can edit the design in the Card Design view.

2. Design your digital punch card

Loopy Loyalty design options

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

The Design tab is intuitive. You only need to follow each step to create an eye-catching design:

  1. Select your logo or an icon from templates for your digital punch card
  2. Choose between single rewards or multiple rewards card type
  3. Specify how many stamps a customer must collect to qualify for a reward
  4. Select a stamp image

You can also toggle between Android and iOS views to see how the card looks.

3. Specify the details of your digital punch cards

Loopy Loyalty rewards

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

You must add specific details regarding your loyalty card. Some of the required information is:

  • Reward name
  • Description
  • Success message
  • Expiry date
  • Useful links such as your website or social media accounts

Don’t skip this step if you want to provide an excellent customer experience on the app.

4. Add location to your digital punch card

Loopy Loyalty locations

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

You must include the exact venue location where a customer can use the card. It’s the only way to send targeted messages whenever they are near your business. This feature is valuable for location-based marketing.

5. Include terms and conditions in your digital stamp card

Loopy Loyalty terms and conditions

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

You can add any disclaimer you want for your digital stamp card. Loopy Loyalty offers a sample text you can use. You can change portions of that text or delete it completely to add your Terms and Conditions.

6. Define the data you want to collect

Loopy Loyalty data collection

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

You can use customers’ cards to collect loyalty program data. Loopy Loyalty requires you to select which information you want to know about the app users. For instance, you can choose age, email address, and telephone number.

All of this data is valuable for marketing purposes. It helps you create a buyer persona and know your consumers better.

7. Save and preview your digital stamp card

Loopy Loyalty digital loyalty stamp card preview

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

Once you finish the design, you can save the card. You can preview it on the phone to see how it looks. If you’re not happy, you can always go back and work on the design some more.

8. Activate your digital stamp card

Loopy Loyalty digital stamp card activation

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

You can activate the card with just a single click of the button. Even after activation, however, you can edit the card design. Loopy Loyalty doesn’t allow you to alter these fields after activation:

  1. Card type
  2. The number of stamps
  3. Position of rewards
  4. Expiry date
  5. Unique fields about enrolment

9. Promote your digital punch cards everywhere

Loopy Loyalty digital punch cards promotion

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

You’ll get a unique link for your digital punch card after activation. You should share this link with your customers so that they can save the card within Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Alternatively, you can share the link on social media to promote it.

The platform lets you download and include the QR code in your printed material. A quick code scan will redirect consumers to your card in their browsers.

Another way you can promote the card is through email marketing. Create a newsletter that informs readers about your new loyalty program and invite them to join.

10. Scan digital stamp cards with the Stamper App

Loopy Loyalty Stamper app

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

The Stamper App is all you need to issue stamps to consumers or help them redeem single or multiple rewards. You should select the number of stamps or gifts to update the card information automatically.

11. Send messages to your customers’ lock screens

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Image source: Loopy Loyalty

You can send messages to an Android or iPhone lock screen to engage with consumers. For instance, you can inform them of special offers, remind them of stamps or even wish happy birthday to them.

12. Analyze data and make improvements

Loopy Loyalty analytics

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

Loopy Loyalty lets you track progress with insights. You can check out all the transactions to maintain a complete audit trail or see your loyalty program’s gross and net benefits.

You can also view all app users to see how they interact with your brand. Access to extensive data is one of the critical features of Loopy Loyalty.

Now that we’ve gone over all the features, let’s check out the platform’s integrations.

Loopy Loyalty integrations

Loopy Loyalty integrations

Image source: Loopy Loyalty

Loopy Loyalty integrates with Zapier to help users automate their workflows and focus on more pressing issues. Zapier also connects Loopy Loyalty with dozens of other apps.

Once you integrate with Zapier, you can pair Loopy Loyalty with platforms such as

  • Google Sheets
  • Mailchimp
  • Slack
  • Shopify
  • Acuity Scheduling

These integrations make the process easier and connect you with consumers.

How much does Loopy Loyalty cost?

Loopy Loyalty offers three subscription plans:

  1. Starter plan – costs $25 per month and comes with limited features.
  2. Growth plan – the price of this plan is $69 per month. It includes various features like card customizations and the option to add ten sub-users.
  3. Ultimate plan – costs $95 a month, and users have access to all features.

What do customers say about Loopy Loyalty?

The Loopy Loyalty users praise the following aspects of this platform:

  • Ease of use
  • Great customer support
  • Different features like the option to send targeted messages helped some businesses increase sales
  • Customization options
  • Real-time updates
  • Location-based messages

However, if you want to create a digital loyalty card, you should consider our other solution—PassKit.

What is PassKit?

PassKit digital loyalty platform

PassKit is our digital loyalty platform that enables companies to design loyalty programs in a few steps. It integrates with Apple Wallet and Google Pay to ensure customers feel confident when using your loyalty cards.

Aside from digital loyalty cards, you can also create membership cards and coupons with PassKit.

The point is to develop a frictionless and contactless shopping process. PassKit connects the online and offline experiences, ensuring your customers get the same treatment in the store and on the internet.

There’s no need to carry physical loyalty cards when customers can store them in their mobile wallets. Every purchase they make online and in the store will be visible in one place. They can view their points or vouchers and use them when visiting your gym, coffee shop, restaurant, or nail salon.

PassKit also provides a multichannel distribution system for your loyalty program. What’s best, you only have to ask your customers for permission once to send loyalty program information. 

Instead of distributing the card on only one channel, you have the liberty to decide between different channels and choose the ones that bring you the most benefits. On the other hand, customers can engage with your brand where they like the most.

Another feature that makes PassKit stand out is our advanced analytics that helps you track redemption rates. You’ll always know how customers use your loyalty program, their preferred mobile wallet, and which distribution channel boosts your customer acquisition efforts.

Sign up now and test all features during a 45-day free trial!

In the meantime, let’s see how PassKit and Loopy Loyalty differ.

Loopy Loyalty vs. PassKit: The key differences

PassKit and Loopy Loyalty help businesses provide the best consumer experience. However, there are some critical differences between these two platforms.

PassKit lets you create coupons, membership cards, or loyalty cards. Consumers access their cards to register their purchases to get points. They can exchange those points for rewards when they reach a specific number of loyalty points.

On the other hand, Loopy Loyalty offers stamp cards to consumers. They must make enough purchases to become eligible for a gift or discount. You can use the Loopy Loyalty Stamper App to register customer purchases and give them stamps. 

For instance, a business can offer a free coffee after a customer has purchased ten of them. The Stamper App is there to log their every visit and award their loyalty in the end.

The critical difference is that PassKit is a more advanced digital customer loyalty solution. Unlike Loopy Loyalty, PassKit integrates with POS and CRM. It means that your business doesn’t need to replace any software to use it.

You can just include PassKit into your business processes and start offering digital loyalty cards to consumers.

Loopy Loyalty vs. PassKit: A comparison table

Here is a comparison table for the two platforms:

PassKitLoopy Loyalty
PricingIt depends on the project volume, but there is a 45-day free trialStarter plan – $25 per month, Growth plan – $69 per month, Ultimate plan – $95 per month
Card typeDigital stamp cardsDigital loyalty cards, membership cards, and coupons
Multichannel distributionYesYes
Advanced analyticsYesYes
Business use casesSuitable for small and large businessesIdeal for small businesses
POS/CRM integrationYesNo
Google Pay/Apple Wallet IntegrationYesYes
Customer supportYesYes
Customization optionsYesYes

Loopy Loyalty: Wrapping up

Digital punch cards help businesses award consumers for staying loyal. They also lure shoppers back into your store. A gift or discount is what awaits them at the end of shopping. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

Loopy Loyalty enables you to get your stamps to customers. The platform keeps track of every transaction and gives you insights to help you improve your rewards program. It also ensures consumers get a personalized experience.

What if you want to create digital loyalty cards or membership cards? In that case, you should leverage PassKit. Our platform brings loyalty cards and contactless shopping to customers. They won’t need to worry about losing the card—our tool safely stores it within their mobile wallet.

Loopy Loyalty and PassKit are excellent solutions for your business, but they serve different purposes. Determine which one fits your business needs best.

In the meantime, try PassKit with our 45-day free trial!

Loopy Loyalty: FAQ

Here are the most asked questions about Loopy Loyalty and our answers.

How does Loopy Loyalty work?

Loopy Loyalty requires you to design a digital punch card for your company. After you go through the process, people can use the card for each purchase. Your employees should scan the barcode or QR code to log the transaction.

How much does Loopy cost?

Loopy Loyalty has three subscription plans. Their prices range from $25 to $95 per month.

Is Loopy Loyalty free?

No, it isn’t, but there is a free trial.

How do you get a digital loyalty card?

You get a digital loyalty card with platforms like PassKit. Our solution allows you to design a card that your consumers can use to collect points and vouchers when purchasing.

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