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New iOS 10 beta alert: [app name] May Slow Down Your iPhone

Nicholas Bortoluzzi

Nicholas Bortoluzzi

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With the iOS 10 beta versions Apple included a “[App Name] May Slow Down Your iPhone” alert that popped up during the beta process when an app was run and did not comply with Apple’s 64-bit policy.
So if a user launched a 32-bit app for example, the alert would appear to warn that the app was not optimised for iOS 10 and its usage may affect the overall phone performance.
When iOS 10 went live to the public, that warning message was removed and 32-bit apps would appear to ‘work normally’ on iPhone. However, the warnings are now back. You can see an example of the alert in the screenshot below:
ios alert may slow down iPhone
The alert then also goes on saying ‘The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility’.
Apple is aiming to push developers who have not updated their apps to support 64-bit architecture to do so. Apple in fact started asking developers to update for 64-bit in 2013. It’s therefore reasonable to assume that if you’re running an app that hasn’t been updated yet, there’s a good chance it probably won’t be. As for the warning message, there is a chance it might be removed (again) before the public release of iOS 10.1
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