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Mobile Marketing: A Direct Path to Your Customer’s Heart 

Mobile marketing, when done well, is the shortest, surest path to your customer and an effective way to build brand affinity and loyalty. It is an opportunity to engage directly with the customer and provide timely messaging and deals that resonate, drive action, and are a rich source of customer insights. 

Mobile marketing targets your customer on their mobile phone, devices, and channels they know, use, and love. You send messages directly to a buyer’s phone via email, SMS, social media, and other mobile channels. Mobile marketing campaigns can focus on a single channel or take an omnichannel approach. It all depends on who you want to reach and why, but most companies choose a mix of channels, selecting those most relevant to their audience.  

Users must opt-in, so mobile marketers use coupons and discount codes to motivate users to give permission and drive conversions along the customer journey. Loyalty programs that motivate and reward your customers reinforce each engagement, with perks and surprises that keep things interesting as things go along. Linking these deals and rewards directly to a customer’s wallet makes it easy and fun for them to use them.

The Growth of Mobile Marketing 

Mobile marketing overtook desktop in 2014, and each year, it owns a larger share of the consumer’s attention—and their wallets. Consider these stats

  • Mobile advertising is the fasting growing segment for marketing dollars.
  • 50% of transactions occur on mobile. 
  • 50% of smartphone users visit a store within a day of a local search.

Not only that, but consumers are more open to discovery and switching up their buying behaviour when on mobile. Over half of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when searching on their smartphone. 

With analysts such as Mary Meeker predicting increased mobile traffic and engagement, now is the time to develop a mobile marketing strategy for your business. This type of marketing is essential for businesses who want to stay connected to, and in the minds of, their customers.  

Types of Mobile Marketing

Here are different mobile marketing options your business can use in a mobile marketing campaign.


This is often direct text messaging where consumers opt-in with an offer or discount.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way to stay in touch on all channels, and you can use strong visuals and bold copy to catch your customers’ attention.

Mobile Apps 

Mobile apps can be great for businesses, especially those in the health and fitness industries, or for any other product that involves frequent use and engagement. You can use coupons and discount codes to encourage people to download your app. 


In-game mobile ads and deals target a specific niche using language and messaging that resonates, especially when promoting related merchandise and services.  

Social Media

Social media can help you reach the right audience and target your message. It is an excellent place to share visuals and offer deals to get people to opt-in for SMS and email marketing.  

Location-Based Marketing

Location-based mobile marketing uses ads placed across multiple platforms that have location services enabled. Location-based marketing can alert new and potential customers to nearby deals and offers. 

Wallet marketing

Wallets are the most direct and effective path to immediate action. You can add loyalty program rewards or points directly to the customer’s wallet so they can use it when they check out. 

Mobile marketing works dynamically. You can use a coupon on social media to get opt-in for an email list and then offer another to get opt-in for messaging. Once the customer opts-in, you can send a marketing email and follow it up with an SMS offer and a coupon in the customers’ wallet. 

Or, offer a one-time coupon or big discount in your retargeting to nudge people who have shown interest to take action. 

High-Quality Mobile Content 

Creating high-quality mobile content is key to getting and keeping attention. This is about more than slick visuals and a seamless experience. It’s also about creating the right message and motivating the consumer to go from interest to action. The good news is that mobile marketing is a great way to learn more about what makes your customers tick. 

Learning how your customers engage with your content can help you create an even better experience and more relevant messaging. Mobile marketing is like having a personal relationship—as you learn what delights your customer, you can create offers that resonate with them. 

It doesn’t always have to be complicated because sometimes all the customer wants is something simple. Attention spans are often short on digital media, so your offer and action must be clear. 

Getting People to Opt-In  

Getting permission is essential for effective mobile marketing, and most marketers incentivise opt-ins with coupons or discount codes, offered when people see your brand on social or engage with it online. Once people opt-in, you want to provide immediate value and begin building trust. You can connect with people right through their wallets, by linking deals on Apple Wallet and Google Pay and making it easy for customers to use their rewards. 

Keeping People Hooked

Deals and surprises aren’t just for new customers. Mobile marketing can make people feel special and valued every time they engage with your brand. Everyone loves a deal, and by making someone feel like a valued and appreciated customer, you encourage them to repeat the experience. Gamification simply works. People can unlock new discounts when they shop, or you can create digital loyalty programs that track every time the customer spends and rewards them directly in their wallet. 

Mobile marketing and wallet marketing together with discount codes and coupons work to build a strong relationship with your customer and make shopping with your brand a rewarding habit. Loyalty programs and offers can give your mobile marketing efforts the traction you are looking for.

Reach out if you’d to learn more about how PassKit’s loyalty programs and wallet marketing approach can help you get better results from your mobile marketing efforts by extending your reach directly into Google Pay or Apple Wallet.

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