What questions are you solving with your 2017 Marketing Strategy?



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Customer convenience is the new marketing strategy.
A growing number of leading brands, business people and marketers are focusing their time and energy on customer convenience as opposed to flash advertisements or catchy slogans.
In this video, Paul Tomes – Co-Founder and CEO of PassKit – shares the 10 questions he’s posing himself, his team, his partners and helping businesses solve to deliver 10x benefits in 2017.

Here’s a summary of the questions:

  1. Awareness… How are your customers finding you? Is it via search, aggregator sites, ads – traditional or digital, on mobile or desktop, via the app store, facebook, WeChat, wandering around in the mall? How do you make it 10x easier to find you today?
  2. Engagement… And when they find you, how easy is it for people to engage with you and your services? Do they have to visit the store? Do they have to remember your brand? Are you delivering value the minute they find you?
  3. Connection….After they’ve engaged you, how are you building that connection, even before a purchase or a visit? How easy is it for them to find you again when they want to buy? Or even better how are you helping them to make a decision for what they want to buy, eat, stay or do?
  4. Proximity…. When they are near to your store, your hotel, your bank how are you engaging with them? Do you have people outside your store encouraging them in, without really knowing who they are or whether it’s the right time for them to pay you a visit?
  5. In-store experience…. When they are “inside” how can you make the experience 10x better? Are you relying solely on traditional techniques (like sales staff)? How are you leveraging technology – specifically mobile? And if you are currently assuming that everyone downloads you app then take a look at the stats – Is that really the case? How can you make the experience 10x better. And let’s challenge ourselves, how do we create a 10x better experience for a customer who hasn’t (and doesn’t want to) downloaded your app.
  6. Transact…. how seamless is the payment experience? Are they still having to queue? Or walking to a cashtill? If you haven’t seen the Amazon Go Video I would definitely check that out for some inspiration.
  7. Feedback…. if your customer had an awesome experience, how easy are you making it for them to share that experience? Not just with you but with their friends? How are you being part of the feedback and sharing experience?
  8. Reward…. Are you rewarding them for their custom? Is it surprising and engaging? Is the reward and thank you 10x better than your competitors rewards? Are you rewarding them sharing their experience?
  9. Loyalty…. how are you engaging them beyond the visit? Marketing shouldn’t just be thinking about acquisition – are you relying on their love of the product or are you fundamentally shifting the post purchase experience.
  10. Speed…. and looking internally, how can you execute your plan 10x faster? That means deliver your 2017 plan before mid February.

Let’s all look to deliver on these core principles of customer convenience.  Let’s make 2017 the 10x better year.
Please let us know what you think:

  • Are these questions useful?
  • Do you have any others?
  • Do you think you’ve already solved them? Are you being honest?

Please share if you think others would find this useful, and leave your thoughts and questions in the comments box below.
Thanks for watching.

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