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The entire realm of mobile commerce is changing, and it is in high demand for businesses wanting to gain a competitive edge. Enter Passbook, one of Apple’s latest creations. Companies are already positioning themselves to provide Passbook passes using PassKit. PassKit helps professionals and individuals create, distribute, and manage passes.

PassKit has simplified all the technological complexities behind Passbook, providing an exceptional user experience that conforms with all of Apple’s regulations. All the components used in creating a pass, distributing it to users, and updating them are effortless and efficient with PassKit. It provides much more than just the platform to efficiently create and manage a Passbook pass scheme.

Individuals, developers, and businesses of all sizes can easily choose between a number of account plans, based on their personal or professional needs. PassKit’s professional customer service team provides tailored solutions to businesses, working not just to implement the service but provide a comprehensive business strategy.

Those without scanning capabilities or even an existing loyalty scheme need not worry. Businesses don’t need expensive cloud infrastructure or sophisticated point of sales systems to use Passbook. For businesses who already have infrastructure but need the right platform to distribute passes, they can use the PassKit API today to start distributing passes with their own brands.

PassKit in its entirety provides a multitude of features and functionality for users. From using the WYSIWYG Pass Designer to create passes, distributing and updating passes, sending push notifications to users, the creation process is simplified. In terms of managing passes, PassKit provides analytics to further help businesses understand their customers. Businesses can promote passes through PassKit’s promotion network and enhance their brand through white labeling. Users can even earn commissions for bringing new businesses on board with PassKit. PassKit’s maximum security and data protection, customer support through video tutorials, email, and documentation ensure that PassKit is here to help every step of the way.

All of these features combined provide the ultimate Passbook system for any business or individual. Tapping into mobile commerce with PassKit will enable businesses to reach a wider audience, gain consumer confidence, and build a long standing reputation. Partnering with PassKit is more than just a foot in the door of mobile commerce. It is a long term strategy to becoming an industry leader.

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