An Introduction To PassKit: The O2O Channel

Brandon Lane

Brandon Lane

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The world never stops evolving. And neither do we.
3 years ago, we set out to simplify the mobile wallet. Since our start, the mobile wallet has become much more than digital loyalty cards and coupons. Now, through both innovation and successful client experiences, we have made the mobile wallet a medium in which the online and offline worlds connect. While these two worlds used to run in parallel, they now run as one. Inhibiting personalized engaging experiences that bring value to both the business and the consumer.
The merging of the online and offline worlds has brought with it an opportunity that we couldn’t be more excited to bring to you.

PassKit: The O2O Channel.

Why O2O and not just mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing should be about more than just wanting to increase revenue and brand loyalty. While those are amazing byproducts, we believe that when paired with an O2O experience, mobile marketing is capable of providing much more. O2O allows you to connect and engage on a personal level with your customers, providing real value instead of a hard sell. The O2O channel offers a complete, closed loop experience that allows for you to build a world in which relationships drive commerce. And PassKit wants to work with you to create that world.

A world driven by O2O

As seen in the video, O2O provides you with the ability to attract, engage, and excite your customers. O2O is all about driving customers from that online screen to offline experiences: in store, at events, and more. It’s about utilizing online behavior to provoke an offline action in the real world. Providing an unforgettable experience while building a lasting relationship with your customers.

We believe O2O is the future of both marketing and consumer engagement.

Now that you know who we are and what we believe. We want to know who you are and what you believe.
Do you see mobile as the future? Or will something else become the main screen? Will proximity marketing live up to its potiential or be labeled as intrusive and fail to be adopted by consumers?
Or do you believe that something else entirely will change the way businesses engage with their customers?
We want to know what you think, because as I said earlier, we believe relationships are what make this world great and we want you to be apart of this. We look forward to the future.

We are PassKit. The O2O channel.

Want to go more in depth on understanding the O2O channel? Check out O2O: The Opportunity, The Journey, And The Future

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