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Smart stamping by Smart people for Smart phones

PassKit’s new CHOPpass Boosts Customer Loyalty and allows millions of businesses their first real chance to capitalize on the white hot mobile marketing space

PassKit has taken Passbook innovation and ease of implementation to another level. Announcing CHOPpass! Smart stamping by smart people for smart phones.

Paper or Plastic stamps cards, also known as chop cards, are costly for the merchant and inconvenient for the customer. You will also know it’s also tough to quantify the real impact on loyalty. The CHOPpass, powered by PassKit, is the digital format of a stamp card with a twist. It delivers smokin’ convenience and breakthrough loyalty management all at a cost less than yesterday’s paper or plastic cards.
People simply scan or click a link to add their personalized CHOPpass to Passbook, or PassWallet. The CHOPpass is automatically and instantly updated with one scan. Customers are saying “this is exactly what I need. I want to use it again and again, just to get more virtual stamps. It’s so cool.”
Once the customer has collected enough stamps, the CHOPpass automatically delivers the reward. They can collect and keep as many paper free CHOPpasses as they want, and find them all stored in one place – no more lost or forgotten cards. CHOPpass turns all loose cards into convenient passes that are always available in today’s smartphone.
For businesses, handing out a CHOPpass couldn’t be easier. You provide breathtaking convenience to your customers and unlock real value from their behaviour and loyalty.  No more lost members. No more ink chops. And No more manually counting redemptions. PassKit’s ingenious CHOPpass finally unlocks the real value of big data for any business.
Tracking each and every CHOPpass is a breeze; With a single click you see the number of passes issued as well as location and usage patterns. And when walking past your store, a customer automatically receives a subtle lock screen message reminding them to come collect more stamps. Businesses are even using this permanent customer connection to deliver other attractive offers – direct to their phone. No more SMS. No more emails. No more mass mailing.
Managing a CHOPpass does not require integration with current systems, unless desired. All a merchant needs is a free scanning app and a desire to drive stratospheric loyalty.
The CHOPpass re-invents the customer journey by driving traffic to a physical location, enticing a customer to spend and inspiring true loyalty.

CHOPpass Box Set

Visit to learn more about CHOPpass
Test drive CHOPpass here on your smartphone.

CHOPpass – Smart stamping by Smart People for Smart Phones.


English Press release in PDF format.
Chinese Press release in PDF format.

About Passkit

Founded in June 2012, PassKit is the world’s leading company powering Passbook and has been the leading authority in the mobile wallet revolution. With over 16,000 customers, issuing over 650,000 passes since September 2012, PassKit provides users with the technology and capabilities to confidently and effectively realize the potential of the mobile wallet. More information of the company can be found at and or get in touch at 


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