The Benefits of Apple Wallet Loyalty Cards

Lukas O'Neill

Lukas O'Neill

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How would you like to build a customer loyalty program that can be with your customers whenever and wherever they shop, check out, are in the neighborhood, or are browsing online? One that surprises and delights customers with deals that are personalized to their shopping style, location, or even the day of the week? With an Apple Wallet loyalty cards program, you can create offerings and perks that engage your customer and make shopping with your brand a rewarding habit. 

Mobile marketing with Apple Wallet loyalty cards can give your mobile marketing campaigns and in-store promotions traction and drive action, with deals and perks that make customers feel special and are geared toward their tastes and interests. 

Customer Loyalty to Apple Wallet

In response to a few converging trends, including the rising generations of digital natives who expect ease, trust their mobile wallet, and dislike cash and cards, the mobile wallet is growing quickly. Users like to go with their phones and not worry about carrying extra cards or cash. Tickets and gift cards can be stored there securely, as well as loyalty cards, coupons, and other perks. 

Mobile Payments Growing Rapidly 

The mobile payment sector is growing, with Apple Pay leading the way and Google Pay near behind. These two giants dominate the global scene after Alipay, but with more than 383 million users, Apple Pay’s mobile wallet is the largest.

Rather than expecting the user to download multiple apps, brands can connect directly with their customers via the mobile wallet and other mobile marketing channels to deliver their rewards right to the wallet and their message to the customer’s notifications screen. 

Apple Pay has a growing base of loyal users who use their mobile wallets out and about in the world at shops and stops and online, checking in and checking out. The convenience of contactless payments makes for sticky customers and is driving rapid adoption amongst retailers and other customer-facing industries, including travel, healthcare, and luxury experience. 

Today, 65% of American retailers take Apple Pay, and 75% of the top 100 retailers accept it, a number that is sure to grow over the next few years. According to a recent and extensive survey done over a cohort of ecosystem stakeholders on the global mobile payment market, the mobile wallet market size was valued at $1,043.1 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $7,580.1 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 28.2% from 2020 to 2027.

Secure, Safe, and Easy 

Not only is Apple Pay easier for consumers to use, but its security also surpasses card technology. For safety, contactless payments are in demand to reduce the need for physical closeness. Easy to use, consumers don’t have to find loyalty cards, type in long numbers, log into a separate app, or juggle multiple items when checking out. Because of these three key values, the use of mobile wallets will soon be ubiquitous amongst consumers. Apple Wallet consumers are digital natives that trust technology and want to buy from brands they like. 

Making Customers Feel Special with Apple Wallet Loyalty Cards

Apple Wallet customers like new things, trust technology, and embrace change and novelty. And, like everyone else, they like being recognized and rewarded. As you learn more about the behavior and attitudes of your customers, you can personalize your efforts even more. Customers know you are collecting data on them, they are opting in, and consequently, they have a growing expectation that you will put that data to good use in delivering offers and content that feels meaningful to the user. 

Integration for Customer BI 

Apple Wallet loyalty card programs can be a rich source of insights. With digital loyalty programs, coupons, offers, and rewards deployed directly to a customer’s mobile wallet, you can learn exactly what your customers want. PassKit, our customer loyalty software, integrates with your CRM and other back-end tools to help you capture insights about what makes your customers tick, including when they like to shop, the regular times they pass through the area, and the choices they make among offers. 

A New Kind of Loyalty Program

Old loyalty programs with punch cards or even electronic versions usually have simple logic — either a reduced price or reward after a volume of spending. New loyalty programs are more sophisticated and personalized. You can guide, motivate and spark the customer journey from home to life, online and offline, and in all the moments in between with a loyalty program built right into the customer wallet. 

Working with a digital partner like PassKit you can devise programs and offerings that build loyalty and generate revenue. How about showing a customer their rewards when 

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