The Top 5 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty

Lukas O'Neill

Lukas O'Neill

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The Top Five Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty determines the long-term interest and support from your buyers. Conversely, poorly maintained relationships with your customers usually result in one-off purchases and high customer turnover. The digital age has made it increasingly easier to leave a positive impression from any time and place, keeping customers loyal to your brand beyond their first purchase. 

Tap on the Social Aspects

Social media has become a quintessential component in modern living. Your brand can gain quite a foothold over the competition by being active on social media. A social media strategy enables your brand to connect with your customer on a more personal level — almost like a friend. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to raise brand awareness without appearing too salesy. 

However, with a social media presence, you should consistently upload fresh and exciting content. If there’s anything worse than a brand without social media, it’s a brand with an inactive account. An idle social media presence translates into a lack of interest in engaging your customers, which is never good. 

Sell Experiences and Ideas

The most successful brands do not sell products or services — they promote a compelling customer experience that encourages shoppers to keep returning for more. For example, Starbucks offers the convenience of relaxing and enjoying a nice cup of quality joe on the go. Apple products feature user friendliness and a sleek profile that supports minimalist lifestyles, and the list goes on. Increasing customer loyalty is all about driving a solution packaged in your products/services and not vice versa. 

Brainstorm for a specific way you’d like your customers to feel with each purchase and infuse that concept into every inch of your product and services. If possible, consider occasional engagement campaigns like treasure hunts or build-your-own options that further empower your buyers in their brand experience. Customer satisfaction will be the natural response once you’ve catered to the needs of your target crowd. 

Always Include Feedback 

If you wish to know how you can win your customers’ hearts every time, ask them. Surveys and feedback forms have become a common sight among brands who realized the importance of two-way marketing. There are many strategic ways to gather honest feedback from a customer — such as providing a quick rating/review window at the checkout phase of your e-commerce store or via a direct email. 

However, before handing out those surveys, check to ensure they don’t take too much time (the modern crowd has a shorter attention span than past generations) and that every question adds value to your business. Also, try to provide a brief and sincere explainer on the purpose of your surveys to help customers understand how their feedback will go a long way toward improving future experiences. 

Make Personalization a Priority

Personalization is a popular term in modern marketing, relating to customer-specific strategies that always hit the right spots. However, it is crucial to note that there is no personalization without data. Your brand needs a reliable and consistent platform to accrue the customer insights you need to generate personalized content and recommendations. 

Modern customers have little interest in run-off-the-mill product/service suggestions and may quickly discount generic promotions as spam or pesky distractions. You’ll need to address personal needs, preferences, and concerns to create a marketing campaign that counts. The “need-to-know” strategy applies to prospects and existing customers. Your buyers will increase their loyalty when they realize that your brand genuinely cares about them. 

Run a Digital Loyalty Card Program 

Digital loyalty cards are the heir apparent to those physical vouchers, coupons, and plastic strips you’ve seen for years. Your customers will never misplace a digital loyalty card since it’s linked to an online membership account. The friendly experts over at PassKit provide a fuss-free method for creating beautifully rendered digital loyalty cards accessible from your customers’ e-wallets. 

PassKit will personalize your digital cards so that they embody the prettiest aesthetic qualities of your brand. What’s more? Your cards will tie up with an intuitive member manager solution that offers unique insights into your valued customers’ spending practices. And we all know what that means — personalized experiences and improved customer loyalty!

Try one of PassKit’s sample passes today and see how you can elevate customer acquisition and retention with a leading digital card loyalty program. Satisfied customers await you. All you need is a solution with the right rewards every time.

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