5 Ways Mobile Wallet Can Change The Way You Travel

Brandon Lane

Brandon Lane

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Airports and airlines are clumsy environments. Waiting in lines, finding gates, delayed flights, and ridiculous in-flight purchasing policies make traveling far less enjoyable than it should be. But simple integration of the mobile wallet could be the answer to a much more enjoyable travel experience. Both travelers and airlines alike, need to be smoother and more effortless from start to finish, an experience only the mobile wallet can provide. How? Below you’ll find the Top 5 ways Mobile Wallet can change the way we travel.
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1.Mobile Wallet can make check in easy and quick

Let’s face it, checking in at the airport sucks. Just like waiting in line for security sucks. While the mobile wallet can’t get rid of security, it can get rid of the hassle at check in. Both Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet allow for an airline to integrate their boarding passes as digital content so that the customer can check in using their phone. They simply scan the digital boarding card. Which looks like the below mock-up.
Not only is that one less piece of paper to carry, but it’ll automatically update and….oh, wait. I don’t want to spoil the fun that follows.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 23.48.18
A Mobile Wallet Airline Boarding Pass Mock-up


 2.Mobile Wallet content can display important, real time information

This is the ultimate form of convenience while in the airport. There is no longer a need to wander around looking for a big screen in order to figure out your gate. Your mobile boarding pass can display all the information concerning in real-time. Which means you will be the first to know about any changes or delays. And don’t worry about needing to refresh your boarding pass either. You will receive a push notification right on your homescreen whenever there is an update. Plus, the pass in your mobile wallet will automatically update too, with all the latest info. Did we mention it happens in real time.
Push notification from mobile wallet

An example of a United Airlines push notification

3.Mobile Wallet can enable Apple Pay and Android Pay for in-flight purchases

Ever wanted to purchase something during your flight, but didn’t feel like reaching for your wallet? Well, leave your leather wallet in your bag, because JetBlue just became the first airline to officially accept Apple Pay in-flight. And it’s not just about making in-flight payments easier.
By integrating in-flight purchases with boarding passes, airlines have a huge opportunity when it comes to in-flight promotions. As a flight attendant enters the aisle, the airline could push a promotion out to anyone with a mobile boarding pass, enticing them to purchase. This would also encourage more people to go mobile with their boarding pass – as well as more airlines to start accepting this mobile payment process.
Apple_Pay_Jet Blue

Jet Blue is the first airline to integrate Apple Pay for in-flight purchases

4.Mobile Wallet can integrate with iBeacon technology  

You ever get lost in an airport? Not anymore. With iBeacon technology, you can be guided around the airport with constant updates about how far you are from the gate, what exactly is around you, and where to go. And with that in mind…
Passengers don’t have to worry about rushing to their gate. Not only will their pass guide them there on time, but it can also promote a more personalized departures experience. How? An airline or airport could link participating store offers to a digital boarding card inside a mobile wallet. This could then send a push notify to a passenger as they walk past a particular iBeacon in a departures store. And that’s not all.
A digital boarding card could also learn from a passenger’s preferences and past shopping behavior, to provide custom notifications about particular products that are on offer. Like telling Mr Franc about the a 50% discount on Hugo Boss (his favorite) perfume as he walks through the airport on his way to Paris.
iBeacon and mobile wallet integration into airport

 iBeacons can make flying less of a hassle

5.Mobile Wallet can remain in contact with customers long after they land

Why not fill empty seats with people who fly regularly? With mobile boarding passes, airlines can ditch email and instead, push a notification straight to your home screen informing you of a discounted ticket price. Then, take it one step further and direct to a link that allows you to pay for a discounted flight right then and there with Apple Pay or Android Pay. Impulse vacations anyone?

See for yourself

Don’t believe us? Click here to see what mobile wallet can do to help make travel more fun for you. You can test out our Chain Pass Prototype in your own smartphone. Watch a video of how it works here: https://vimeo.com/130527883 
Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 00.23.09Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 00.23.14


The future of travel is on the horizon and it’s approaching fast. There are enormous amounts of potential and both airlines and consumers are anxiously waiting to see what happens next. With continuous improvements to both Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet we could be seeing this future sooner than later.
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