How to Add your Credit Card to WeChat Wallet

Wendy Chan

Wendy Chan

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Just a couple of days ago, WeChat launched WeChat Wallet in Hong Kong, right before we ring in the Year of the Monkey. While this feature had already been available in China, users in Hong Kong can now link their local credit cards to WeChat Wallet.
So I thought I’d give it a go and link my credit card to WeChat. Here’s how to do it:
1. Open WeChat and click on the ‘Me’ tab at the bottom right of the screen. Tap on Wallet.
2. We’re now in Wallet. Tap on ‘Cards’ to add your credit card.
3. Tap on ‘+Add Credit Card’.
4. Enter your credit card number and tap on ‘Next’.
5. Fill in the rest of your details and tap on ‘Next’. For first time set ups, you’ll need to create a 6 digit password to enable payments.
6. And that’s it! Your credit card(s) are now in WeChat Wallet.
You’ll notice that on the main screen of Wallet, there are a few things in the menu like ‘Travel’, ‘Transport’, ‘Tickets’, and ‘Shopping’. Since WeChat only just been rolled out in Hong Kong, I envision there will be a lot more categories added to this screen later this year.
Now, you can instantly purchase items straight from WeChat. For example, Airport Express tickets, ferry tickets to Macau (if you’re feeling extra lucky), and tickets to other events throughout Hong Kong. From what I can see, you’ll still need to pick up your train/ferry tickets at the station/dock, but at least this way you can pre-purchase tickets in advance.
I haven’t purchased anything yet through WeChat Wallet, but I will soon. Have you tried WeChat Wallet? What’s your experience been like? We’d love to know!


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