Let's Get Physical With The Physical Web: Retail Store

Brandon Lane

Brandon Lane

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Let’s Get Physical With The Physical Web features different use cases and ideas on how the Physical Web can be implemented in our day to day lives.
In this episode, I explore a Physical Web use case within the retail store environment. When approaching an end cap on the end of a aisle, we were able to receive Eddystone-URL signals that lead us to the products webpage. Giving us more information, product reviews, and other things such as the manual. After that, we were able to click on a separate Eddystone-URL link that gave us a mobile coupon for 10% or purchase. This would work great inside a retail environment to not only product more information about the product but also to entice the customer with an offer.
The important thing about this use case is that typically a retail store would need to create their own app to be able to have offers and specific webpages trigger by beacons. With the Physical Web, it is as simple as broadcasting a URL from a beacon. Making it better for both the business and the consumer.

Let’s Get Physical With The Physical Web: Rental Car
Let’s Get Physical With The Physical Web: Movie Poster
I hope you enjoyed this episode and stay tuned for the ones to come. If you know of any use cases or would like to see me demonstrate a specific use case, let me know in the comments below!

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