The Benefits of Google Pay Loyalty Cards

Lukas O'Neill

Lukas O'Neill

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Over the past few years, Google Pay has stepped up as a major player in the growing contactless payment market. The mobile payment platform got a major redesign in 2020 as Google brought on new vendors and integrated new services; growing from a simple payments tool to a full-blown financial management service. They reached their first 100 million users, with peer-to-merchant (P2M) transactions seeing a 20% growth in the last quarter. 

It is part of a larger trend towards mobile payments and digital financial tools. Today, more consumers than ever are relying on their mobile wallets to manage and organize their entire digital financial life, including coupons, tickets, loyalty cards, passes and more.  

Marketing directly to consumers through their Google Pay mobile wallet is an easy way to stay top of mind and to deliver relevant, personalized offers to customers. By delivering your loyalty program directly to a mobile wallet like Google Pay, you can be with your customers whenever and wherever they shop with your brand. 

Mobile marketing with Google Pay can give your campaigns and in-store promotions traction and drive action, with deals and perks that make customers feel special and are geared towards their tastes and interests. With the contactless payment market forecast to approach 5 trillion by 2027, there has never been a better time to create market value through mobile wallet loyalty programs that are fun and easy to use. 

How do loyalty cards work on Google Pay? 

By deploying a loyalty program and card directly into the customer’s mobile wallet, you can surprise and delight your customers with deals that are personalized to their shopping style, location, or even the day of the week. With a Google Pay Loyalty Card program, you can design programs that engage your customer and make shopping with your brand a rewarding habit. 

Loyalty cards on Google Pay deliver rewards, offers, and personalized suggestions directly to customers, making it easy and fun to participate. There is no need for customers to manage physical cards, type in long numbers, or do any work. Just as contactless payments offer ease and convenience, loyalty cards on Google Pay make consumers’ lives easier and reward them directly. 

Customer Loyalty to Mobile wallets

The ease and convenience of mobile wallets are creating a generation of loyal users who prefer to use their phones and don’t trust cards and cash. Tickets and gift cards can be stored there securely, as well as loyalty cards, coupons, and other perks. Well-designed loyalty programs reward customers with perks that motivate and reward them for shopping or completing purchases. 

A personalized experience

New loyalty programs are more sophisticated and personalized. Using a mobile wallet, you can guide, motivate and spark the customer journey from home to life, online and offline, and in all the moments in between with offers and experiences that can engage customers according to their habits, behaviors, and preferences. By rewarding customers for shopping and adding exciting offers and surprises to check-in and check-out, brands can create loyalty programs that make customers happy and generate revenue.  

How to add loyalty cards to Google Pay

Working with a digital partner like PassKit you can build loyalty programs that are personalized and make it easy for customers to use their rewards. How about showing a customer their rewards when they enter a store or adding a coupon when they are nearby? Or creating an anniversary reward to celebrate a special purchase or moment? 

When customers opt-in to a well-designed loyalty program in their digital wallet, they immediately see value and utility, and so does the brand. Loyalty programs are a rich source of insights for brands. When digital loyalty programs, coupons, offers, and rewards are deployed directly to a customer’s mobile wallet, you can learn exactly what your customers want. PassKit integrates with your CRM and other back-end tools to help you capture insights about what makes your customers tick, including when they like to shop, the regular times they pass through the area, and the choices they make among offers.  

The mobile wallet is emerging as one of the most effective digital channels and a direct path to engagement. Want to learn more about how to build an effective customer loyalty program that also generates revenue? Reach out to learn more!

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