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What Are Mobile Tickets and How to Create Them in 5 Minutes



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With mobile tickets, attendees no longer need to rummage through pockets for paper tickets, allowing for a more seamless and convenient experience. They can now use their smartphones as a gateway to unforgettable events, shows, conferences and similar occasions.

How can you effortlessly transition from traditional to mobile entry tickets?

The answer is simple – using PassKit, the leading mobile wallet service software designed to simplify your event operations. With PassKit, you can create personalized digital tickets for Apple and Google Wallet in just a few minutes. 

In today’s article, we will discuss the essentials of mobile ticketing, explain how PassKit works, highlight the benefits of our platform, and provide tips to enhance attendee satisfaction.

Let’s start with some basic information.

What are mobile tickets and how do they work?

what are mobile tickets

Mobile tickets, also known as e-tickets or digital tickets, are a convenient and paperless way to store access tickets for sporting events, public transport, attractions and similar on mobile devices.

Instead of a physical paper ticket, attendees can receive an electronic version they can hold and use with mobile wallets like Apple and Google Wallet. 

Here’s how mobile tickets generally work:

  1. Purchase or reservation: You start by purchasing or reserving your tickets through a website, mobile web browser, mobile app, or other online platforms. It could be for events like concerts, movies, flights, trains, buses, museums, amusement parks, sports games, and more.
  2. Ticket generation: Once you have selected mobile entry and completed your purchase using an online account, the system generates a unique digital ticket associated with your transaction. It contains all the necessary information about the event or service, such as the date, time, venue, seat number, and QR code or barcode for scanning purposes.
  3. Delivery: Depending on the ticket provider, you can receive your ticket via email, SMS, or other channel. Some platforms also allow downloading the ticket from their website after logging in.
  4. Storage: Once you receive the digital ticket, you can store it in a digital wallet with a single tap. It ensures easy access to your ticket whenever you need it.
  5. Presentation: On the event day or whenever you need to use the ticket, you can open the mobile wallet or the email containing the ticket and present it to the ticket checker, scanner, or attendant. It usually involves showing the QR code or barcode on the digital ticket.
  6. Validation: The attendant scans or verifies the QR code or barcode using a handheld scanner or a scanning app. It validates your ticket and grants you access to the event or service.
  7. Real-time updates: Some mobile ticketing systems offer real-time updates or notifications, such as event schedule changes, gate information updates, or seat upgrades. You receive these timely updates on your mobile device to stay well-informed.

However, to make the entire process work seamlessly, you must use the right software to create, organize and distribute your mobile tickets.

It is where PassKit comes in.

What is PassKit?

PassKit specializes in mobile wallet technology for creating, managing and distributing digital passes. These passes include mobile tickets, loyalty program cards, coupons, event tickets, boarding passes, and more. 

PassKit enables you to create and deliver these digital passes to users’ mobile devices, replacing traditional paper tickets and physical cards.

Start a 45-day free trial to test all features.

How to create a mobile ticket with PassKit

PassKit’s Pass Designer is a tool that allows you to create and customize digital passes for mobile wallets. 

With Pass Designer, you can design passes aligned with Apple and Google Wallet guidelines, add custom fields and dynamic elements like QR codes, and tailor the pass appearance. 

It streamlines the creation of engaging and functional mobile wallet passes for various purposes. Let’s give a short overview of the process before we dive into the details.

Step 1: Start a 45-day free trial to access our platform.

Step 2: From the projects list in the platform, click on “Create New.”

create new mobile ticket

Step 3: Select “Event Ticket” and click “Create.”

create event ticket

Step 4: Your production and base tickets have default settings. Customize the pass by dragging and dropping fields and changing the offer title.

customize mobile tickets

Step 5: Change colours and images to align the ticket with your branding.

mobile ticket branding

Step 6: Change the Ticket Type name according to your needs.

mobile tickets

Step 7: Edit the schedule and venue details for your event. If you have saved the venue, select it from the dropdown. Otherwise, add the details in the fields.

mobile ticket details

Step 8: Change the production name to something relevant for easy identification in the projects list.

mobile ticket name

That’s it! You can now deliver tickets using PassKit’s multichannel distribution system.

As you can see, with PassKit, anyone can create mobile tickets in just a few simple steps without any design or coding skills required.

All you need to do is start a 45-day free trial.

For more details, read the following guides on creating mobile tickets with PassKit:

Now let’s share the key benefits of using PassKit for mobile ticketing.

Why create mobile tickets with PassKit

Let’s explain why businesses increasingly turn to PassKit to prepare and deliver digital passes, transforming the traditional ticketing experience.

  • Customization: PassKit allows you to design unique mobile tickets that align with your brand and event. Customize appearance, colors, logos, and more.
  • Engagement: Dynamic features like QR codes and location triggers can engage users, providing convenient access to events, discounts, or loyalty programs.
  • Convenience: Mobile tickets eliminate the need for paper tickets. Users store and access tickets in their mobile wallets, reducing the risk of loss.
  • Real-time updates: PassKit enables instant updates to mobile tickets. Event changes are reflected in real-time, ensuring accurate information.
  • Accessibility: Users can access mobile tickets even if they lose internet access, making them suitable for areas with limited connectivity.
  • Efficiency: PassKit streamlines ticket distribution. You can easily share and transfer passes, enhancing user convenience.
  • Environmental impact: Digital tickets reduce paper waste, contributing to sustainability efforts.
  • Real-time analytics: PassKit offers robust analytics, providing insights into pass engagement and usage patterns.
  • Innovation: Using mobile tickets shows a commitment to technological advancements, appealing to tech-savvy audiences.

These are just some reasons to implement PassKit into your event operations. 

With its real-time updates, sustainability focus, and user-friendly approach, PassKit propels ticketing into the digital age, enhancing user experiences and setting new standards for convenience and innovation.

Start a 45-day free trial to transform the traditional ticketing experience.

Now, let’s share advice on implementing PassKit into your event operations.

Preparing your team for mobile ticketing implementation

Transitioning to mobile tickets has become paramount for event organizers. However, it significantly depends on the staff’s preparedness.

Train staff on mobile ticketing systems and procedures

Provide comprehensive training sessions that cover the end-to-end process, from ticket purchase to event entry. 

Equip your staff with troubleshooting skills to handle common issues attendees might encounter. It empowers your team to offer seamless assistance and support, enhancing attendee satisfaction.

Ensure adequate support and communication channels

Communicate instructions for accessing and using mobile tickets on your website, social media platforms, and through customer service channels. Proactively addressing potential questions fosters a sense of confidence among attendees during this transition.

Conduct mock scenarios and drills for the event day 

Conduct mock scenarios and drills that simulate various ticket-related situations. This hands-on practice helps your team familiarize themselves with the system’s intricacies, ensuring they can handle challenges effectively. 

From verifying digital tickets to addressing connectivity issues, these exercises contribute to a seamless event day experience for staff and attendees.

Personalization and branding in mobile tickets

Let’s explain how personalization and branding consistency elevate the digital ticketing experience.

Customize mobile tickets with attendees’ names and photos

Digital interactions can lack the personal touch of physical interactions, but not with personalized mobile tickets. Infuse warmth by incorporating attendees’ names, profile photos, or a customized message. 

This simple gesture establishes an emotional connection, making attendees feel valued and enhancing their overall event anticipation.

Incorporate event branding and themes

Elevate your event’s recognition by integrating branding elements into mobile tickets. Use colors, logos, and themes that mirror the nature of your event. 

This integration ensures that the mobile ticket becomes an extension of the event’s visual identity, fostering familiarity and creating an immersive experience.

Add QR codes and barcodes for easy check-in

QR code for mobile tickets

Incorporating QR codes and barcodes into mobile tickets streamlines the check-in process. Attendees can effortlessly present their tickets for scanning at the entrance, minimizing wait times and ensuring a seamless entry experience. 

This integration combines functionality and convenience, reflecting the event’s overall organization.

Deliver mobile tickets to attendees

multichannel distribution for mobile tickets

Let’s explain how to ensure accessibility, convenience, and hassle-free entry for event-goers.

Send mobile phone tickets via digital channels

Send mobile tickets directly to attendees through email, SMS messages, social media, your event website, or even by placing QR codes on marketing materials. 

PassKit’s multi-channel approach ensures attendees receive their tickets with ease. By enabling attendees to save their tickets in a single tap, you simplify the process of adding tickets to their mobile wallets—offering a frictionless solution they can swiftly use at your event.

Ensure offline accessibility for attendees

Technology isn’t infallible, and connectivity can sometimes falter. To prevent issues, ensure mobile tickets remain accessible even when attendees find themselves offline. 

It eliminates any potential inconvenience when entering your event. Whether in a crowded area with weak signals or experiencing sporadic connectivity, offline accessibility safeguards a seamless experience, ensuring attendees are never left in a lurch.

Analyzing data and insights from mobile tickets

mobile tickets performance

By analyzing data and insights from mobile tickets, you can make informed decisions and create memorable events. Let’s explain how.

Track ticket sales and redemption rates

Besides serving as entry passes, mobile tickets act as data beacons, providing insights into ticket sales and redemption rates. 

PassKit allows you to track attendee enrollment, the number of installed and uninstalled tickets, and deleted users. Additionally, you can evaluate which mobile wallet is most popular among your attendees and which distribution sources bring you new people.

It offers invaluable figures for shaping future ticketing strategies, optimizing pricing, and understanding the audience’s response to your offerings.

Understand attendee behavior and preferences

Mobile ticketing data provides more than sales figures—it unveils attendee behavior and preferences. Discover the events that attract the most attention, preferred seating sections, and spikes in engagement. 

With this information, you can tailor your event offerings to align with attendee expectations.

Leverage data for targeted marketing

push notifications

The data collected from mobile tickets is valuable for personalized and targeted marketing campaigns. 

With PassKit, you can send location-based alerts, push notifications, tailored promotions and updates based on attendees’ past interactions and preferences. 

This strategy improves event engagement by making individuals feel appreciated and understood.

Improve future events based on insights

You can use the insights from mobile ticketing data to improve future events beyond their current lifecycle.

Refine event planning, enhance marketing strategies, and design experiences that cater to attendee preferences. With each iteration, your event will evolve based on real-world insights.

Transform traditional ticketing into a personalized, data-driven journey with PassKit.

Start a 45-day free trial now

Best practices for mobile ticket success

Here are some best practices to maximize the effectiveness of your mobile ticketing strategy:

  • User-friendly interface: Design an intuitive and user-friendly website interface for ticket purchase and display. Ensure easy navigation and a clear pathway to access purchased mobile tickets.
  • Mobile optimization: Optimize your ticketing platform for various mobile devices and screen sizes. Prioritize responsive design to provide a consistent experience across smartphones and tablets.
  • Clear ticket information: Present all essential ticket details clearly, including event name, date, time, venue, and seat information. Include relevant instructions for ticket validation and entry.
  • Offline access: Enable offline access to mobile tickets to accommodate users in areas with limited connectivity. Provide clear instructions on how users can access their tickets offline.
  • Secure delivery method: Implement robust security measures to protect users’ ticket information from unauthorized access. Use encryption and secure authentication methods to ensure safe ticket delivery.
  • Real-time updates: Offer real-time updates and notifications for any changes related to the event, such as time changes or venue updates. Keep users informed to prevent confusion and inconvenience.
  • Integration with digital wallets: Integrate your mobile ticketing system with popular digital wallet platforms like Apple or Google Wallet using PassKit. It streamlines the process for users and enhances accessibility.
  • Support options: Provide readily accessible customer support for users with mobile ticket issues. Include contact information or a dedicated help center within the mobile ticket or the official website.

Remember, a well-executed mobile ticketing system can substantially impact your event reputation. Sign up for PassKit now to achieve your full potential and provide a seamless, hassle-free experience for users accessing events, services, and experiences. 

Final words about mobile tickets

Compared to conventional paper tickets, mobile tickets offer many advantages that enhance the overall event experience. They eliminate the need for printing, reducing paper waste and contributing to eco-friendliness. 

Additionally, mobile tickets are always at attendees’ fingertips, mitigating the risk of losing or forgetting paper tickets. The seamless integration with digital wallets ensures effortless access, while real-time updates keep attendees informed of any changes in schedules or venues. 

These features make mobile tickets indispensable for event organizers aiming to provide a streamlined, modern, and environmentally conscious approach to event access.

By harnessing the power of PassKit’s cutting-edge software, you can effortlessly create, distribute, and manage mobile tickets, raising the bar for attendee experiences and operational efficiency.

It’s time to step confidently into the future of ticketing. Upgrade your events, empower attendees, and revolutionize your approach with PassKit. 

Start a 45-day free trial to embark on a journey that promises seamless experiences and unparalleled convenience. Your event’s success story begins with PassKit.

FAQs about mobile tickets

Let’s answer common questions about mobile tickets.

What is the difference between mobile ticket and electronic ticket?

Mobile and electronic tickets are digital alternatives to traditional paper tickets but differ in access and presentation. 

You can receive an e-ticket via email or download it as a PDF. Then, you can print it out or display it on your mobile device for entry.

On the other hand, you can show and access a mobile ticket on a mobile device, typically through a dedicated app or digital wallet like Apple or Google Wallet.

Mobile tickets are more streamlined for smartphone access and often come with added features such as real-time updates and dynamic QR codes for secure validation.

What does “mobile only” mean on Ticketmaster?

When an event is labeled as “mobile only” on Ticketmaster, it means that the only way to access your tickets for that event is through a mobile device. 

Paper tickets or print-at-home options are not available for these events. Attendees must use the Ticketmaster app or another designated mobile platform to access and display their entry tickets. 

This approach offers greater security and flexibility while reducing the environmental impact of paper tickets.

What does mobile ticket delivery mean?

Instead of receiving physical paper tickets or printable PDFs, event organizers send, and attendees receive their tickets digitally on their smartphones. 

These mobile tickets can be stored and displayed within dedicated digital wallet platforms or event-specific apps. 

Mobile ticket delivery enhances convenience, reduces the risk of loss, and provides a more streamlined experience for event entry.

What are the advantages of mobile tickets?

Mobile tickets provide unmatched convenience, allowing attendees to use mobile devices to access their tickets instantly.

Dynamic QR codes enhance security, and real-time updates inform attendees of event changes.

Environmentally friendly mobile tickets reduce paper waste. They’re accessible via digital wallets, eliminating the risk of forgetting tickets. 

Attendees can transfer or sell tickets with ease. 

Interactive features like seating charts enhance engagement. Plus, streamlined scanning expedites entry. 

In just one digital package, mobile tickets combine convenience, security, and eco-friendliness, transforming how we access and enjoy events.

How do I access mobile entry tickets if I lose internet access?

Here are a few things you can do before this situation:

  • Screenshot or save the QR code
  • Download tickets offline
  • Check digital wallet for local storage option
  • Print tickets
  • Contact customer support

Remember that each ticketing platform and event organizer might have different policies, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with their specific procedures before attending an event.

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